Seahawks vs. Cardinals SNF Pick – NFL Week 7

The Arizona Cardinals return to Sunday Night Football in Week 7 against the Seattle Seahawks. The first didn’t go so well in Week 1 against the New England Patriots. Backup Jimmy Garoppolo had to problem filling in for Tom Brady and walking into Arizona on SNF and defeating the Cardinals. The Pats took it by a score of 23-21, as the Cardinals dropped a nice opportunity to beat a top-tier at home to open the season. Arizona are 3-3 which is a rather disappointing mark considering how close they were to the Super Bowl a year ago. Meanwhile, the Seattle Seahawks are 4-1 after escaping last week against the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons looked like they were going to have a shot at a game winning field goal to beat the Seahawks, but a no-call on a Richard Sherman pass interference sealed the fate for the Falcons.

Sherman grabbed the arm of Julio Jones and pulled him to the ground, so it seemed to everybody but the officials. The ensuing result was a 26-24 win for the Seahawks at home. Escape with a win is a nice way to put it, they stole it and didn’t look back. It would have been a pivotal season changer for the Falcons, but they couldn’t get any help from the refs last Sunday. It wasn’t an easy win for the Seahawk, obviously. There was also drama on the sidelines with Richard Sherman and fellow teammates. Sherman clearly was not a happy camper and was getting into it verbally with others.

Despite the win for the Seahawks, they haven’t looked like the same team in 2016. They do not look they are ready to go back to the Super Bowl at the moment. The Hawks have been hampered by poor offensive play, especially early this season. They’ve mix and matched the offensive line up, but the fact of the matter is that this is a serious weak point on their roster. The Seahawks loss this season came against the LA Rams.

The Rams were able to take advantage of that porous offensive line and held them to just 3 points in a 9-3 win for the Rams. The Seahawks have won three straight games since against the 49ers, Jets, and Falcons. If the Cardinals want to win the division this is an important game for them. They can’t have a repeat of the Patriots’ game again. We’ll see if they look like a different team on Sunday Night Football tonight against the Seahawks.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals NFL Betting Odds:

Seahawks +1(-115)
vs. Cardinals -1(-105)

Over 44(-110)
Under 44(-110)

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Seahawks vs. Cardinals Pick:

Life isn’t easy for a team in the NFL with a bad offensive line. You have to scrap and fight for every inch. The Seahawks have made it work somewhat thus far, bringing a 4-1 record into this critical divisional matchup with the Cardinals tonight. The Seahawks have had major issues trying to run the football with their current setup on the line. Additionally, Marshawn Lynch retired in the offseason so that doesn’t help much either. Seattle is currently 24th in the NFL, rushing for just 88.8 yards per game. Lynch got out at the right time, because even he wouldn’t appreciate running behind this line. The Seahawks are lucky they have a mobile. Russell Wilson has passed for 5
touchdowns and 1 interception. Uncharacteristically, he has only 35 yards rushing. That is for the entire season.

Wilson has also fumbled the ball 3 times, which speaks to the offensive line issues in Seattle. Further, tight end Luke Willson had to get surgery recently on his knee, which complicates the Seahawks in the trenches even more. The Seahawks generally had an easy schedule the last three weeks. They have wins over the 49ers and Jets, and then the Falcons. The Falcons game, though, could have easily went in the opposite direction in favor of Atlanta.

Carson Palmer hasn’t been looking great this season. He’s passed for 7 touchdowns and 5 interceptions, along with a whopping 6 fumbles. The Arizona defense has been doing a terrific job, though. They are 5th in yards allowed per game in the league and are 6th in points allowed. My issue with the Seahawks in this game is their offensive line going against the Cardinals’ pass rush. They are tough to slow down, which I expect the Seahawks failing to do on Sunday night. The Cardinals are 3rd in the NFL in sacks with 19 on the season. The Seahawks won’t be able to escape the Cards tonight, as I expect a rough showing for them on offense this evening.