Seahawks vs. Packers SNF Pick – NFL Week 2

Out of all week 2 games, I am most excited about this one tonight on SNF. As I believe all of you are, too. This is a rematch of the NFC Championship game, the same NFC Championship game where Russell Wilson led the Seahawks from behind to defeat the Green Bay Packers. Despite the win the Seahawks ended up becoming heartbroken just a couple weeks later in the Super Bowl against the Patriots. These are two teams who ended their seasons in disappointing fashion. It feels like these scenarios played out a few weeks ago, but the Seahawks and Packers have to be happy that they are back to football. The Seahawks got a rude welcome to the 2015 campaign by the St. Louis Rams. The Seahawks looked like they were going to get away, stealing one against the Rams after coming back in the 4th quarter. The game went to OT and Nick Foles calmly led the Rams to a field goal. The Rams were helped out by an onside kick attempt by the Seahawks to start overtime. On a 4th and 1 the Seahawks were stuffed around midfield, raising the hilarious thought that they should have passed the ball instead of running it with Marshawn Lynch on that play.

The Seahawks enter week 2 without Kam Chancellor for the second consecutive week to start the year off. If week 1 is any indication, they may want to be getting this guy a contract soon. But of course there is only so much money to go around in Seattle, we knew they were going to run into this problem eventually. Chancellor is looking like a causality of the situation. Although, if problems persists in the secondary, the Seahawks are going to have to figure something out. 34 to the Rams is not a glowing endorsement for the start of the season. They’ve always been caught sleeping on the road from time to time. The Seahawks actually lost to the Rams on the road last season as well, to a Rams team that isn’t as good as the current one in my opinion. A big win against the Packers this week would take the attention off that game without a doubt. It would set the tone that everything is alright and the sky isn’t falling. Seeing 0-2 next to the Seahawks would be pretty weird, I must say. They can avoid that by beating the Packers on the road at Lambeau.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Green Bay Packers NFL Pick

Betting Odds:

Seahawks +3.5(-110)
@Packers -3.5(-110)

Over 49(-110)
Under 49(-110)

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Seahawks vs. Packers Pick:

We are really going to find out a lot about Russell Wilson in the coming years. He just signed a big contract, but I don’t believe he is going to have the defense around him he wish he’s had in previous seasons. A reason why Chancellor is behind held without a contract is because they had to throw money around elsewhere, most notably to Wilson. If that is the case, Wilson is going to need to become a quarterback who can win games, and not just rely on the defense. I think he is capable of that, but I really don’t know if he can bring them back to a Super Bowl.
The defense is still good, but I’m speaking two or three years from now. It is still good, but without Chancellor roaming out there in the secondary they do take a blow. There is also more to why they gave up yardage last week. They didn’t have a pass rush, which allowed Foles to sit back there in the pocket. A cover 3 wasn’t working for them throughout the game, nor did man coverage work for them late when Foles tied the game up.

The Seahawks don’t get confused on defense often, but they looked pretty lost out there. At home they are much better defensive unit, too. I think Wilson is going to need to make some plays in this game, because the Packers should be able to score at Lambeau. Chancellor will be absent again in week 2. The Packers at home know how to light the scoreboard up. Note that in 2014 they average 39.75 points per game at home. They will be without Jordy Nelson at receiver, but with Aaron Rodgers at the controls I don’t think they’ll miss that much of a beat. After scoring 31 points on the road last week against the Bears, I see them doing it again at home against the Seahawk defense. We see points being scored Sunday night, so take the OVER 49.