Super Bowl 53 NFL DFS Picks at FanDuel – February 3rd

Super Bowl 53 marks your final chance to get in on some daily fantasy football action. You can always bet on Super Bowl 53 at some of the top NFL betting sites, or you can just use my NFL DFS picks to win big in FanDuel or DraftKings’ showdown contests.

I opt for the latter and tend to use FanDuel as my place to play. I’ve been handing out daily fantasy football lineups all season and will cap the year with my Super Bowl 53 DFS picks.

There is a lot to think about for this game, but I actually pieced together a nice squad last year. You basically need to get the perfect team to take down a GPP, but that usually involves trying to cram the best players in your roster and also projecting how the game will unfold.

I tend to think the Patriots win and both teams put up a good amount of points, but good luck correctly gauging how we get there. It’s still fun to try, though. Here’s my take with my favorite NFL DFS picks for Super Bowl Sunday:

MVP (x1.5): Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots ($15.5k)

I absolutely think this one-game contest is worth a few different tries. I’d try team stacks a couple different ways and then just trying to cram as many studs in as possible.

For my main stack, I’m rolling with a Patriots-dominated lineup starring Tom Brady, but also trying to fit in my two favorite Rams options.

Brady tends to crush in the big game. Win or lose, he moves the ball and usually puts up points. The Rams can get after the quarterback and have a ton of defensive talent, but they aren’t exactly elite. New England also protects Brady extremely well and are specifically very tough up the middle, which is bad news for L.A.’s pass rush.

I think Brady has time to throw in this one and New England’s style of play isn’t something the Rams are fully equipped to stop. It doesn’t rely on big plays, but more just taking what the defenses gives them and chewing up yardage at a methodical pace.

Brady’s top weapons are going to be James White and Julian Edelman, but touchdowns take the cake on FanDuel, so I’ll slide Brady into my MVP slot and hope he gets most of them. More on who he (hopefully) connects with in a bit.

FLEX: Brandin Cooks, WR, Los Angeles Rams ($11.5k)

On the other side of this game are a slew of viable weapons. Bill Belichick is very good at stopping the opposition’s top weapons and he does know Cooks well, but this is a revenge game for Cooks, who was traded away by the Pats this past offseason.

Cooks has the best chance of any Rams receiver to bust big plays and I think he gets the best of his old team at least once. He’s a good price based on his talent and how driven he’ll be to produce in this game.

Also consider Robert Woods and Josh Reynolds, but I’m prioritizing Cooks in this one-game showdown contest.

FLEX: Todd Gurley, RB, Los Angeles Rams ($14k)

While I don’t think Gurley runs all over the Pats, this is too big of a game for him to completely fail, either. Head coach Sean McVay was vocal recently about Gurley being back in a big role for L.A.’s most important game of the year and I tend to believe him.

Gurley had a lingering knee issue that was sapping his explosiveness and effectiveness, but after resting up the past two weeks, he should be ready to rock. Even if the Pats limit him, he still has a fine shot at 100+ total yards and 1-2 scores.

FLEX: Rob Gronkowski, TE, New England Patriots ($9k)

Back to the Pats, I go. I definitely have interest in Edelman, White and Sony Michel, but they’ll also be very popular. If most people are spending up to roster those guys, there’s a slim chance a few interesting cheap options will be contrarian.

Contrarian or not, this could be the last game for The Gronk, so I fully expect him to rise up and have a big game. He’s had two weeks to rest his body from the grind and he really just needs a touchdown to return solid value on this price tag.

Los Angeles ranked 25th against fantasy tight ends during the regular season and got torched (10-127-1 stat line) when they faced Travis Kelce. If Tom Brady looks for Gronkowski in this one, he could exploit a serious edge for the Patriots.

FLEX: Rex Burkhead, RB, New England Patriots ($10k)

I see a lot of people trying to differentiate their NFL DFS Super Bowl lineups with cheap plays this week. I do admit that getting a winning roster that also is low-owned is going to be pretty much impossible, but that doesn’t mean I’ll sacrifice a strong team that can cash to do it.

I’d reserve those weird teams where you’re rostering clowns like James Develin or the Rams tight ends for lower entry tourneys. For my main lineup, however, I want guys I can trust that perhaps won’t be insanely high-owned.

Burkhead closes things out for me, as he’s obviously potentially lost in the shuffle that is New England’s backfield and I don’t know if most people will be enamored with his $10k price tag.

I dig it, however, as Burkhead scored twice in the AFC title game and has the versatility to demand field time. The Pats really know how to exploit mismatches and Burkhead can offer value as both a runner and receiver.

Michel is the main threat to score and White is the receptions guy, but Burkhead can spell them both. Against a Rams defense that allowed the 8th most rushing yards and four receiving scores to running backs this year, Burkhead feels somewhat sneaky.


It’s up to you precisely how contrarian you want to be with your Super Bowl 53 DFS picks. Like I said, I don’t want to be weird with my lineup just to be weird, but I do understand the appeal in trying to avoid having a lineup everyone will have.

Brady will be popular and he’ll also be trendy in the MVP slot. Gurley will also be high-owned and a lot of people could use him in the MVP slot. I wouldn’t say any of these guys are necessarily going to be “low-owned”, but of the lot, Burkhead has a chance at being pretty contrarian.

Switch things up as you deem fit, but you’re probably going to need 3-4 of the very best plays on the day and also hit on that one random dude that scores or has 1-2 big plays. My guess is that could end up being Josh Reynolds, Gerald Everrett and/or Chris Hogan.

Whatever you decide, hopefully I could help you in some way. Have fun with the final NFL game of the year and good luck in your Super Bowl DFS contests at FanDuel.