Blue Jackets vs. Avalanche Pick – NHL October 24th

The Columbus Blue Jackets didn’t figure to be the worst team in the NHL this season. And while the season is still young and there lots of time to regroup and get the ship going in the right direction, the ship is already sinking and I’m waiting for the band to start playing. They already fired their head coach and hired John Tortorella. The Blue Jackets 0-8 start is one of the worst I have seen in recent memory. It is definitely disappointing for Columbus, as some people have been waiting for them to turn the corner for a few seasons now. By the looks of it right now, the Blue Jackets aren’t turning any corner and they’re heading backwards to a dark depressing place. Columbus had the centerpiece of their team, Rick Nash, leave and go to the Rangers. Ryan Johansen and Nick Foligno have assumed the center of the roster now, but the cupboard is bare around them. Good players, they are just on the wrong team here, as their talents are going to waste. Unlike the Blue Jackets, it’s been a nice start to the NHL for me with a 8-4-2 record.

There have been reports that once John Tortorella came in he told Johansen that he is out of shape. He didn’t get a shift in the final minutes in their 3-2 loss against the Wild so it seems entirely possible that Tortorella told him that mid-game. Well, and it is Tortorella after all, too. In any case, as a player that has been in Columbus for a while, I am sure it didn’t sit well with Johansen that a coach making his first appearance behind the bench in Columbus is sticking a foot up his ass. That is Tortorella, though. I don’t know if a disciplinary is what the Jackets needed right now after this winless stretch. Maybe in the offseason it would work, but this may just drive the team further apart. They will look for their first win tonight against the Colorado Avalanche.

Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Colorado Avalanche Pick

The Avalanche have gotten off to a 2-3-1 start to the season, not the best, but hey they could be 0-8 so when you look at it like that. The Avs had a nice run in Patrick Roy’s first season behind the bench, leading to a 52-22-8 record. They fell back and went 39-31-12 without a playoff appearance last season. Is Paul Stastny really worth 13 wins? Well it felt like there was something missing from the Avalanche last season and his presence was certainly missed. The Avs have lost two in a row, dropping games to the Kings and Hurricanes. Colorado is averaging 2.83 goals while allowing 2.67 per game.

If you’re a Blue Jackets’ fan you may want to look away at these numbers. The Jackets are giving up 4.63 goals per game. Their last five games they’ve allowed 4.8 goals a game, so in other words, just under 5 goals. They even managed to lose against both the Sabres and Leafs. Sergei Bobrovsky is getting the start for the Blue Jackets tonight who has an abysmal start to the year with a 4.71 GAA. As long as the Jackets are down, you have to keep fading them. The Avalanche seem to be getting value here against a team that looks like they can’t even tie their own skates.