Blues vs. Canucks Pick – NHL October 16th

The St. Louis Blues turn their attention to the Vancouver Canucks Friday night after dispatching the Edmonton Oilers last night, 4-2. The Blues were backed by Brian Elliot in net last night and look to Jake Allen for Friday nights affair in Vancouver. The Blues are trying to forget about another disappointing end to their 2014-15 season, which resulted in a playoff series loss to the Minnesota Wild in the 1st round. The Wild are a dangerous team and aren’t one that many will take seriously, the Blues found out the hard way. The Blues are quickly becoming a team that are all flash during the regular season, but no punch in the playoffs. Why should we believe anything will change this season? I can’t find a reason. Sorry Blues’ fans, but this is a squad that will make the playoffs then probably lose in the 1st or 2nd round. The Anaheim Ducks will be asking you to join their party.

For the Vancouver Canucks they’re trying to recapture the magic they felt when they made the Stanley Cup Finals against the Boston Bruins. Only this time, hopefully without the riot in downtown Vancouver. The Canucks have gotten off to a good start, entering tonight with a 3-0-1 record. Ryan Miller is expected to get the straight for the Canucks tonight at home. The defense has played spectacularly for Vancouver this season and they’ll need more of it tonight against the Blues. The Blues are playing on no rest tonight on the road, so we’ll see how they look on the ice. The Canucks were upset against the Flames last season in the 1st round after a solid 48-25-5 season. Vancouver can just ask the Blues tonight how such a good regular season can go to waste in a few weeks. Nevertheless, I believe the Canucks will be right back there this season.

St. Louis Blues vs. Vancouver Canucks Pick

The Blues’ starter Jake Allen had the night off to prepare for the Canucks tonight. Allen didn’t get off to a strong start this season with 3 goals against on online 19 shots to the Wild. The Blues have two good goaltenders, and it’s more goalie by committee than Allen or Elliot as the true starter. Allen doesn’t have the best history against the Canucks, posting a 3.22 GAA in four outings. He allowed 13 goals in those games.

The Canucks have been fantastic on the defensive end this season, averaging 1.25 goals against to start the season. Ryan Miller has a 1.21 GAA, giving up 5 goals in four games. Note that one of those came in overtime. He has a good GAA against the Blues with a 2.85. I think this is a nice spot for the Canucks to catch a goalie they have a good history against, Jake Allen. Vancouver is coming off a free night and the Blues are coming in from Edmonton. Beating the Oilers isn’t the most impressive feat in the NHL. Tonight against a very good Canucks team the Blues will be tested. It’s an attractive line to me given the circumstances. Play on the Canucks with a lean to the UNDER.