Bruins vs. Avalanche Pick – NHL October 14th

The Boston Bruins take their disappointing start to the season on the road to Denver against the Colorado Avalanche. After years of pretty good success for the Bruins, they’re in regress mode at the moment. Bruins’ fans have been spoiled, but I think they will have to be patient. The Bruins have lost six games dating back to last season. Maybe brighter days are ahead, but I don’t see that happening in the immediate future. Tuukka Rask is given the responsibility of trying to fend off a furious rush from opposing teams. This is due in great part to the dismantling of a blue line that was not long ago atop of the NHL. The Bruins are left with Rask and an aging Chara to slow down offenses. Chara entered the season injured, coming back on Monday which didn’t help much against the Tampa Bay Lightning. So the Bruins have a banged up Chara and a young supporting cast to lead the way defensively. Chara can be a nice role model for the youngsters on the Bruins, but class is in session, and they aren’t at the point yet of doing much of substance.

The Colorado Avalanche in my opinion are a wildcard team. Wildcard in the sense that it is difficult for me to ascertain where they are going to finish this season. Two seasons ago in Patrick Roy’s first year behind the bench he took the Avs to the playoffs in what amounted to an impressive campaign for them despite the game 7 loss. After losing Paul Stantsy to the Blues in the offseason, the Avs lost a leader and a very good player. I don’t believe it was totally because of his departure, but they lost a cog of their team right there. The Avalanche ultimately finished with a respectable 39-31-12 but it a step back from the previous year as they failed to qualify for the playoffs. The Bruins look to get back on track against the Avs on the road tonight, and we look for another winning pick in the NHL.

Boston Bruins vs. Colorado Avalanche Pick

The Bruins don’t have to completely implode the team and start over, but there are reports that they are putting Marchand and Chara on the trade block. The more I think of it, it’s probably in their best interest to go in complete rebuilding mode. Marchand or Chara aren’t going to bring this team anything alone and the supporting cast doesn’t give them enough to work with. I’m sure a contender would like to have either on their roster. They already traded away a staple of their team in the offseason, sending Milan Lucic to the LA Kings. Right there is an indication that Bruins’ management wasn’t too confident in a positive season. The Bruins have already allowed 16 goals this season in three games played for an average of 5.33 goals against per game.

The Avalanche have been scoring the puck quite nicely thus far in 2015. They scored 3 against a good Blackhawks’ defense and then 4 against an even better Minnesota outfit. They followed it up with 6 goals against the Dallas Stars. With Matt Duchene on the roster, the Avs are going to need to be an offense minded team to do damage this season. I don’t think they are going to get by on defense, because I feel like it isn’t their identity. Patrick Roy has to get the offense firing on all cylinders. Conversely, though, the Avalanche have allowed 4 goals per game while scoring 5. With a total of only 5, I think the OVER is well worth a look in the Bruins and Avalanche matchup. If the Bruins had some talent on defense, I would expect some regression back to their normal average, but they are depleted in that department.