Bruins vs. Maple Leafs Game 3 Pick – April 16th

What a pathetic display put on by the Toronto Maple Leafs in Boston. It couldn’t have gotten any worse for the Maple Leafs, who took a beating in Beantown. The Flyers responded well after they were trounced in Game 1, but the Maple Leafs did their best impression of playing dead again. They at least came out in the 2nd period and showed some signs of life, though. It was a 4-0 game after the 1st period and that was pretty well all she wrote.
The Leafs needed to come out in that one hard from the get-go, but they looked equally as disinterested as Game 1. Between Game 1 and 2, the Leafs have been outscored 12-4. Frederik Andersen carried the Leafs at times in the regular season. Many times, I should say, so before Leafs’ fans want to jump on his back, they must think of the whole picture.

Andersen has been left out to dry more often than not by his team. It isn’t all on him. In any case, he has to play much better for the Maple Leafs to have a chance at coming back. He must steal a few games for Toronto. However, even if he plays incredibly well, others are going to need to help out, because that effort in Boston was bad. This series is far from over, but the Leafs must win this one, that goes without saying. They aren’t a very experienced team, their core is in their early 20’s. So, the question on everyone’s mind is whether a young team like this can rally in this spot. Mike Babcock must work some magic here. Head below for our free Bruins vs. Maple Leafs Game 3 pick.

Boston Bruins vs. Toronto Maple Leafs Game 3 Pick

There are experienced teams who have been in this position the Leafs are in before. They don’t hit the panic button and treat it as a 0-0 series. There isn’t much experience here, though. The team looked dejected on the bench after getting losing an uncompetitive game for the second game in a row. The rest of this series is going to be on Babcock. He has to find a way to get his team motivated and rejuvenated at the ACC in Toronto.

Auston Matthew’s line has 0 points, and conversely, Bergeron’s has a whopping 20 points. This isn’t all on him, though, Hainsey and Zaitsev both look slow and tired. Zaitsev was expected to anchor this blue line, but he hasn’t met expectations. Frederik Andersen has been their best defence.

Where do the Maple Leafs go from here? For starters, they do have the benefit of coming home, a place where they’ve been good this season with a record of 29-19-2. There is also the realization that things can’t get any worse than they did in Boston. That’s just about as worse an effort from everyone that you will see.

The Maple Leafs have been good over the Bruins at home too, with four wins in a row at the ACC, going back to 2016. I can see the Bruins coming out in the 1st period and relaxing just a little too much after what a cakewalk the previous two games were. The Leafs come out with a burst of energy and they ride it to a win in Game 3. Is that going to be enough to win the series? That’s tough, but at least for a night, the Leafs likely will not look so overmatched.

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