Canadiens vs. Lightning Pick – May 12th

Back from Vegas and ready to bang home some winners starting tonight. Sorry I added this play a little late, but I just got home not that long ago. The Montreal Canadiens look to save their season once again in a must win situation over the Tampa Bay Lightning on the road. I seen this series going 7 games from the beginning, but can the Canadiens win another to take this to a game 7? We’ll see tonight as it’ll all go down in Florida. This isn’t the way the Habs had this season unfolding, and after losing the way they did in game 3, it was looking like there was no hope of them coming back. Considering playing back-to-back nights and all after losing with around a second left, it all but seemed they were going to pack it in and head on vacation, but impressively enough they have fought back. However, there are still two wins to go. Win tonight and they get to force it back to Montreal where the odds undoubtedly shift back in their favor.

Carey Price needs to be locked in again tonight. I think the Lightning know that they have to win this one or they face a really tough battle back in Montreal. If the Lightning do end up blowing this, we’ll look back at game 4 where they had the Habs on the ropes after winning that game 3. Whoever loses this series its going to be a big blow considering the seasons they had. Both had high hopes of making the finals and a lot of those hopes will come down to what happens tonight. This is the lone game on the card. I don’t necessarily like small cards because statistically your chances go down, but there is something here I can’t ignore.

Montreal Canadiens @ Tampa Bay Lightning

Looking at this price just has me scratching my head. Sure the Lightning should be the favorites in this game but at -150? I understand that this would be the Canadiens third win in a row, but that doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility, does it? Not with Carey Price in net it sure is possible for them to come all the way back. Momentum is on the Canadiens side without a doubt and in the playoffs that can be the ultimate.

Quick writeup for my here because I need to get it out at a decent time before the game gets closer, so I’m going to wrap this up. But getting the Canadiens at +133 looks like a great bargain. Give me Carey Price over Ben Bishop any day of the week, and we have seem many gaffes from Bishop lately. Now that the pressure is squarely on his back, it will be interesting to see how he responds. I’m going to trust the Canadiens to win this and bring it back to Montreal for a final and decisive game 7.