Capitals vs. Blue Jackets Pick – NHL March 3rd

I mentioned in an article last week that the Columbus Blue Jackets are teetering on the fence between making a run to the playoffs or falling back and out of the picture. Well a few games later and it looks like the Blue Jackets are out of the picture. I mean they could go on some huge run, but as it appears now things are looking pretty bleak for the Jackets. They all but played themselves out of an opportunity with their most recent lackluster run. The Blue Jackets are losers of their last six games and are now 26-33-2-2 on the season. It shouldn’t get any easier against the Capitals who are fresh off a romp of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Leafs are a laughing stock of a punching bag right now, so it was just what the Caps needed to break out of a mini-slump which produced three straight losses. The Capitals aren’t tumbling downward. Despite that three game loss streak they are still 6-4 their last ten games. They get a couple of, well what should be, two easy wins in a row.

We cashed on the Caps Sunday night with ease at plus-money as they cruised past the Leafs by a score of 4-0. They now get another team tonight that is just going through the motions before the season ends. Crazy stuff, but we are already into March. The end of the regular season is on the horizon. I don’t know about you, but it feels like the season started about a week ago. For the Leafs it probably feels like this season won’t end. For me though I can’t believe how deep we are into this season. It is definitely a bittersweet feeling as the season draws to an end. In one instance the NHL playoffs provide great theater, but it also means hockey is almost coming to an end. Thankfully baseball isn’t that far out, which is hard to believe in its own right. Anyway, enough ramblings and more to winning money tonight.

Washington Capitals @ Columbus Blue Jackets

Are the Blue Jackets going to continue their downward spiral to the bottom? It is safe to say they aren’t playing for much at this juncture and the Capitals need to be locked in the rest of the way. It appears that the Caps will make the playoffs comfortably, but receiving a higher playoff seed is definitely in play for them. Alexander Ovechkin is now leading the NHL in scoring with 45 goals and is having one of his best seasons as a pro. One his greatest successes thus far was getting the better part of the Penguins and Sidney Crosby. However, Crosby is the one with a Stanley Cup and Ovechkin is still searching for that. Another stumble in the playoffs for Ovi and it will be another bitter disappointment for him. No gold medal, no Stanley Cup and he will be out of his prime years rather shortly. This is perhaps the best opportunity they’ve had to go deep in the playoffs in his career. They have a good blend of offensive numbers mixed with an efficient defensive unit. They’re averaging 2.89 goals per game for a top 5 unit and are allowing an impressive 2.42 a game.

The Jackets defense is fell into disrepair and won’t get any better until they can address it in a few months. The Blue Jackets have fallen to 28th in the NHL in goals against, allowing an average of 3.13 goals while scoring only 2.58. The result of that is a team that will be watching the playoffs from home or laying on a beach sipping cocktails early. Hey after this brutal winter I don’t blame them. The offense has really failed them in this losing streak, scoring only more than 2 goals in 2/6 games. Teams that have nothing to play for can often be dangerous and play spoiler. I think, though, the Capitals will be locked in tonight after defeating the Leafs after slipping for three games. Every game counts for the Caps the rest of the season. They have to win games like this. I am going to bet they do and lay the juice on the Capitals.