Capitals vs. Maple Leafs Game 6 Pick – NHL April 23rd

What an exciting series it’s been between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Washington Capitals. It could all come to an end if the Capitals turn in a win against the Leafs at the ACC on Sunday night.

It’s been a back and forth affair, with the possibility of the Leafs up 3-2, instead of the Capitals, just as easily being true as well. As it is, though, the Caps outlasted the Maple Leafs in overtime in Game 5, setting up what could be a series clincher in Game 6 in Toronto.

If it feels like it’s been nothing but overtimes in this series, you aren’t imagining things. In four out of five games thus far, we’ve seen overtimes. And in the one that didn’t go to extra time, it was a slim 5-4 win for the Maple Leafs.

All in all, this doesn’t look like a series with the 8th seed taking on 1. The Capitals’ struggles in the postseason are well documented, and the Leafs are giving them a workout in the first-round.

I don’t think it’s a matter of the Capitals overlooking the Leafs, they know that this is a good team are throwing everything they have at them. This is just the start for the Leafs, so no matter what happens tonight, there is nothing to feel bad about.

Yeah, it’s going to sting, but when the dust settles it’s going to be a year they can look back on and note the drastic improvements that were made. Mike Babcock and the Leafs aren’t out yet this season, a win tonight would take this to a Game 7 where anything could happen. Let’s get straight to our Capitals vs. Maple Leafs Game 6 pick.

Washington Capitals vs. Toronto Maple Leafs Game 6 Pick

Game 5 could have went either way, this game tonight could have easily been a close out scenario for the Leafs at the ACC. Not the case, as the best they can hope for is forcing a final and decisive Game 7. The last time the Capitals played in a Game 7, they were defeated by the Penguins who went on to win the Stanley Cup. The Capitals best avoid giving the Maple Leafs, a team with nothing to lose, a Game 7.

Like I’ve said, there hasn’t been much separating the Leafs and Capitals, much to the surprise of some people. If there is a hockey god, he would give us a Game 7 between the Capitals and Maple Leafs. I can tell you one thing, considering how close this series has been, I don’t see the Leafs as +125 underdogs in this game. Not with Mike Babcock behind the bench. I expect them to do what they’ve been doing all season long, playing with a lot of energy and effort. As much of a coinflip as this series has been, the idea of taking the underdog at home looks like a good pick to me.


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  1. I like this pick, this has been without a doubt the best series this opening round love the write ups Kyle keep it up thanks Ceejay.

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