Capitals vs. Rangers Pick – NHL May 13th

It all comes down to tonight between the Washington Capitals and New York Rangers. The Rangers weren’t going to go quietly after they got behind in this series. That is reserved for the Montreal Canadiens who were not able to force a game 7 last night. In fairness, the Canadiens had a steeper hill to climb than the Rangers did. But is it any surprise that the Capitals may very well blow this series? They have played the role of chokers in the past quite well, and again it could come to fruition tonight. Now the Capitals have their backs against the wall because they find themselves back in New York in a game 7. They had their chance in game 6 to wrap this series up. Caps’ fans know it and I’m sure Capitals players know that they are letting this series completely slip away.

Last night the Canadiens put forth a rather uninspiring effort against the Lightning. Their feet weren’t moving and they looked rather stagnant. It honestly looked like an NHL team skating around a college team all night. The Lightning are a fast team and to win you need to have constant movement. I believed in game 6 with game 7 in reach they were going to be a little more motivated to compete last night. As it was, the Habs looked terrible and the Lightning were able to wrap things up in game 6 over the Canadiens. Another disappointing end to the year for the Canadiens with more questions to be asked than what are answered. The lack of effort last night really falls on the coaching staff in my opinion. It totally looked like they didn’t want to go back to Montreal and play a game 7 and rather hit summer break early. We’ll see who the more motivated squad is tonight between the Capitals and Rangers.

Washington Capitals @ N.Y. Rangers

The road to the Stanley Cup is shaping up to be a good one. All teams left certainly have a good chance at reigning supreme. The Ducks do look like their going to be tough to beat, however. One of the only things I don’t like about the playoffs is the lack of options on a nightly basis. For instance, if you like the UNDER tonight I feel like it is unbettable with a price of -152. I will lay that on sides time to time but it is tough for me to swallow that juice on an UNDER. Tonight I am simply going with the team that I think is going to win the hockey game. Looking for value, like if you did last night, didn’t play out so well.

This is the stage that Henrik Lundqvist plays for. These are the type of games that the Rangers are paying Lundqivst him big pucks to perform in. After coming all the way back to force a game 7 it has to be Lundqvist over Holtby. I see Kenrik shining on the big stage in game 7 and taking this series from the Capitals, who had it right in front of them. Given the history of the Capitals in the playoffs, how can I even back the Caps? This would just be par for the course for the Capitals if they come up short again in the playoffs. It should be a good game, and probably closer than last night, but the Rangers should be the ones celebrating on home ice in New York.