Capitals vs. Wild Pick – NHL March 19th

A bigger card tonight in the NHL with a wealth of games to choose from. As the season winds down though, I feel like one needs to be a little more cognizant of the various scenarios unfolding in the league. What I mean is in some game there are going to be some teams going balls to the walls competing to try and get into the playoffs or secure a better seed, and then there are others that are just going through the motions looking forward to the offseason. Here we have teams in similar positions with similar records and both are looking to stay in playoff contention. A slip up here late, and the Capitals and Wild could both be looking at the 9th seed. It would have to be a pretty bad skid by both teams, but they certainly have to stay focused. The Caps enter tonight with a record of 38-23-6-4 and the Wild are at 39-24-5-2. Similar teams and similar playoff prospects for both clubs. I give both the Caps and Wild solid chances to advance to the 2nd round. We’ll see if we can find any kind of leeway tonight between the two teams.

I have to say this is one of my favorite times of the year with March Madness heating up, and the college basketball tournament today. It is one of the most fun sporting events to have some money down on, either by betting traditionally on the spread or total, or by being in a March Madness pool where filling out and following a bracket tends to be a good time. However, there are other sports happening and there is more money to be won. While the rest of the world is watching basketball for the next month (and myself included), I am still looking for my opportunities to make money in the NHL. Tonight that happens to be in the Caps/Wild game.

Washington Capitals @ Minnesota Wild

Like I already said, you definitely need to be aware of what is going on in the NHL to be betting it this time of year. I won’t lie, it makes betting on it a little trickier, because some nights you never know if the team is out of the playoff picture is going to show up night to night. The Capitals and Wild should both be motivated to play a competitive brand of hockey to be in a comfortable position heading into the final stretch of the season. As I alluded to, these are statistically two dead even teams for the most part. Nothing separates them much in the standings or statistically on the ice. We can note that the Wild are averaging 2.80 goals per game while the Capitals are at 2.89 per game. If you want to find any distinctions in the last 10 games you aren’t going to find much either. Although, the Wild did look great in their last two games against the Blues and Predators, though. Is it letdown time for the Wild tonight against the Caps?

So with the even nature of this game, what’s the deal? Why am I even bothering to bet it? Well I see this as a coin flip game, and the price should be represented appropriately in coin clip games. I see the number being too skewed towards the Wild in this spot. Yeah they just beat the Blues and Preds and that is why I think the line is inflated a bit. I see the Wild at -155 in some places and I don’t think it is justified. I am aware of the Capitals’ struggles playing in Minnesota. In fact, they’ve lost seven straight times. But they have to win here sooner or later, and I’ll take my chances catching a price of +128