Devils vs. Sabres Pick – NHL March 20th

I don’t want to take you away from March Madness or anything, but if I could have your attention for a minute and direct you to this exciting matchup in the NHL tonight. The Devils and Sabres square off, okay, before I go on confusing anybody that isn’t fluent in NHL, this is one ugly game from an entertaining standpoint for a fan. However, that isn’t exactly what I am. I don’t look for entertainment while making my sports picks. I look for where the money is at and that is exactly why you are reading this article right now. What I see here is a good opportunity for some money to be made in this game. It isn’t flashy or anything, but money is money. Both teams in all actuality will be winners tonight by losing, especially Buffalo, who is in contention to finish last in the NHL and win the Connor McDavid sweepstakes. The Devils are way out of that picture, but are stuck in a position where they aren’t going to make it in the playoffs and aren’t going to have a top 5 pick in the draft. Winning their last two games hasn’t helped them out much and now they get the Sabres tonight which should equate to another win.

Big + money winner for us last night on the Capitals to beat the Wild. A big win for the Caps that only bolsters their chances at making the playoffs, something I think they will be able to accomplish. If they do make it in, I wouldn’t sleep on the Capitals. They have the ability to beat any team in the NHL on any given night and given the parity in the NHL it wouldn’t be all that of a surprise if they do something in the playoffs. Our two featured teams tonight, the Devils and Sabres, can forget about the playoffs and start looking forward to their plans in the offseason. That doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of this one, though. There won’t be many people tuning into watching the Devils and Sabres tonight, but I advise if you like money to pay attention to our pick for tonight.

New Jersey Devils @ Buffalo Sabres

Given the situation, it makes sense that the Devils will win this game. The Devils were on a seven game losing streak before winning their last in a shootout over the Bruins. Ugly loss for the Bruins, and a nice win for the current Sabres’ players who were looking helpless once again in the midst of another long losing streak. The offense for the Sabres in the last ten games has been abysmal, and has been abysmal all season long in fact. Note that overall they are scoring only 1.80 goals per game, which situates them at 30th in the NHL, or in other words dead last.

The Devils can’t speak much themselves. They are 28th in the league in scoring with 2.23 goals per game. But unlike the Sabres, the Devils have a much better defensive unit and have been able to stay in games with effort from the defense. The Devils are a top 10 unit in that regard. In their last three games they’ve allowed only 3 goals in total. Look for a strong effort tonight against the Sabres’ defense that have of course had their issues. The Devils are a big UNDER team leaning towards it at 40-22 this season. In the head-to-head history, the last time the Devils and Sabres went OVER against one another was eight games ago. I will be playing the UNDER 5.