Devils vs. Wild Pick – NHL January 10th

The Leafs lost to the San Jose Sharks by a touchdown last night, as they got blown off the ice by the Sharks. For the Sharks, it might be a game that kick starts their efforts at home. For us, it was an awful loss and a game the Leafs have to put in the rear-view mirror. After Bernier took a beating in that one, the job is going to safely be James Reimer’s. Bernier had his moments after he came back from the AHL but games like last night are becoming way too familiar for him. The Leafs just have to hope that Reimer can stay healthy and stay as hot as was before he got the injury. I still think the Leafs have a bright future ahead of them and this game shouldn’t have any impact on that. However, for the near future, like the next few weeks we’ll see if this does something to them. They quit on that game and didn’t give much effort after they got down by a couple goals. That isn’t typical of a Mike Babcock coached team, and I expect them to put forth much more effort their next time out.

I know that everybody is going to be peeled to their TVs watching the NFC playoffs this afternoon, as will I, but there is still some hockey action to look at. Soon all there will be is hockey and basketball, so I wouldn’t blame you if you just want to dedicate your time to watching football. Our feature game in the NHL today will take place following the last game of the day between the Packers and Redskins, so don’t fret, you’ll be able to catch this one and football as well. We go out to Minnesota for our NHL pick tonight, where we look to wash away the dirty taste from last night in San Jose. It’s crazy that we are less than a month away from Super Bowl already. Speaking of crazy, did you watch that Steelers game last night? Holy, what a series of events in Cincinnati. But for my pick on the ice go below to find it in a matchup featuring the New Jersey Devils and Minnesota Wild.

New Jersey Devils vs Minnesota Wild NHL Pick

I have gone over this recently regarding the Devils. If you’ve been paying attention and reading my article, you would know that the Devils are in a hard spot right now. With virtually no offense to speak of, the Devils have found life tough, and they will continue to find life tough without the services of Mike Cammalleri. The offense was pretty porous to begin with, but the loss of Cammalleri has complicated everything even more. The Devils are 29th in the NHL in goals per game, and without their leading scorer in the lineup for the foreseeable future the Devils may find them as last. Right now the Devils do in fact have the worst offense in the NHL.

This looks like a great matchup for the Devils – or not. The Devils need to play the Wild, one of the better defensive units in the league. The Wild are 5th in the NHL, allowing only 2.34 goals per game. Luckily for the Devils though, they can lean on their defense to at least keep games interesting. New Jersey is a spot better than the Wild defensively, allowing 2.31 goals per game for 4th in the league. The UNDER looks like the play of the day in the NHL.