Ducks vs. Sabres Pick – NHL October 13th

Happy Thanksgiving to the Canadian readers on this Thanksgiving Monday. There are a couple afternoon games today, which means the opportunity to try and make some money on a holiday. It was a tough loss on Saturday night, as the Kings jumped out to a 2-0 lead but ended up blowing it to the Coyotes, 3-2. Of all teams, the Coyotes. 9 times out of 10 you give the Kings that lead against a team of that caliber and they bury the opponent. Only the first loss of the season, though, so time to get back in the saddle and back in the winning column. The Ducks will travel cross country for this meeting with the Sabres, a Sabres team that finished dead last in the NHL a season ago.

Anaheim Ducks @ Buffalo Sabres

After losing their season opener to the Blue Jackets and then falling to the Blackhawks Saturday, the Sabres play host to the Ducks Monday afternoon in Buffalo. Dating back to last season, Buffalo has now lost 9 straight games. Remember how bad they started the season off last season? They lost 7 in a row, and then after winning their first, dropped 7 out of their next 8 games. The Sabres were once a team that could make a little noise in the playoffs, but all of the talent they had then has since evaporated. In 2013-14 the Sabres were last in the NHL in terms of scoring, averaging an abysmal 1.83 goals per game. They were the only team in the league to score less than 2 goals a game. It takes a special team to do that. They’ve been up to the same ways thus far this year, scoring 3 goals total their last two games. Now, the Sabres are defensively challenged as well. In the offseason the Sabres most notable signing was Brian Gionta. Gionta used to be a decent player, but in my opinion, is way over the hill, and won’t produce the type of numbers that will make it a season for the Sabres. Solid player on a good team, but not here in Buffalo.

For Ducks’ fans it has been frustrating in recent years. Always up for the challenge in the regular season, putting up big numbers, but disappearing in the playoffs. They figure to have another go at the Cup this season with the team they have. They were 2nd in the NHL last season overall, trailing only the Boston Bruins. The Ducks were 1st in the league averaging 3.21 goals per game. Additionally, they had a top 10 defense, allowing 2.48 goals a game. Certainly if they duplicate it they’ll be in Stanley Cup discussions around April. If they want anyone to take them seriously, these are the kinds of games you need to bury the other team. The Sabres are without a doubt the worst team in the NHL again this season. That could be up for debate, but they have issues from all angles. The Ducks have already been out in this territory all weekend after a meeting with the Wings Saturday night, so it isn’t like it was a long trek to Buffalo. What I like most about this bet is the price. I may be falling for this hook line and sinker, but I can’t ignore +176 against the Sabres, even if it is at -1.5.

Pick – DUCKS -1.5 (+176) @ (Best Odds)