Flames vs. Hurricanes Pick – NHL November 10th

We’re finally getting into a groove with the NHL picks here, as I hit another winner on the Predators/Blues UNDER 5 Saturday night. The numbers lined up for us in that game and the result certainly delivered. Nothing is more frustrating than losing a game where there is a significant lean towards the numbers, but the game doesn’t end up that way. I make most of picks off of statistical methods, so that would make for the majority of my bets. I point of notice, the Predators and Blues will be cash cows for UNDER bets this season. Unless St. Louis shows me they get the offense going consistently, they will continue to play in low scoring affairs. I can almost guarantee it right now that the Preds are not going to get their offense in gear. They’ve been an UNDER cash cow for several years now, not just this season. The vets out there already know this, but I realize not everyone is new to sports betting, so I like to touch base on things with them too. I definitely don’t advise blindly betting it, however, picking our spots will be profitable with that bet.

A bare card tonight in the NHL. It is usually that way, Sundays and Mondays there isn’t much offered, and then Tuesday it picks up again. Competing against football Sundays and MNF probably isn’t in the NHL’s best interest, so in that regard, it makes sense. There are actually only two games, with the Boston Bruins will play host to the Devils, and the Hurricanes welcome the Calgary Flames to Carolina. The Flames have been a bit of a surprise here in 2014. Last season was a throwaway year as they got beat up on, but this season they have shown flashes of quality play. I would be surprised if this team gets a playoff berth, although, the Flames are heading in the right direction and should be able to at least compete with others as the season moves forward. There isn’t much to say about the ‘Canes. I feel like they are going to be a team in flux for another few years, as they have been the past few seasons. I don’t see them attracting big names in free agency, so tanking might be in their best interest to bolster their position in drafts. I don’t advocate tanking usually, but I don’t see how else they are going to ever be better than an average to below-average team. We’ll see if they can earn themselves a victory at home against the Flames tonight.

Calgary Flames @ Carolina Hurricanes

For how the Flames and Hurricanes have been playing lately, I think this total of 5 is an attractive number to me. Both have been offensively minded, and for the most part, winning hockey games. This wont be a trend that’s going to keep up, I can say that with great confidence, however finding teams when they are hot makes for a great way to make money most of the time. In this instance, the offenses have been there on the ice. The Canes are scoring just 2.38 goals per game, but a lot of that is to do with how they started the season off. If you take a look at their last five games, they are scoring more than 3 goals per game. The Hurricanes didn’t score less than three goals in any of those games. In fact, at home this season they Canes haven’t scored less than there goals all year long. They are however allowing an average of more than 3 goals a game, 3.15.

They Flames have been scoring, too. In their last five games they’ve scored an average of 4.4 goals. In three of them they scored more than three times, with two being 4 goal outings. I expected this from Calgary. As with most young teams, there is most notably a plethora of offense. They are averaging 3 goals a game, and like the Hurricanes started off slow, but have since trended upward on the offensive end. 5 is a good number here, as we have the safety net for a push. You might not like anything in MNF tonight, like myself, so you may want to take a look at this wager for Monday night.

Pick – OVER 5 GOALS (-126) @ (Best Odds)