Flames vs. Stars Pick – NHL March 30th

Of the fringe teams in the NHL at the moment, the teams that are battling for a playoff spot, I don’t think anyone is more deserving than the Calgary Flames. What a way to come back after several years of time spent in the basement. There was a large void after Kiprusoff and Iginla left the team. Two players that were staples of the organization for so long were both suddenly gone. But the Flames have been able to flip things around sooner than many people were anticipating. I seen a lot of people projecting the Flames would be in the basement of the Western Conference again this season. Not quite, because as it stands now the Flames are in the playoffs. A point ahead of the LA Kings, the Flames are going to be in a war the next couple of weeks. Every point matters at this juncture and they have the Kings breathing down their necks, so they must produce points to stay alive. They control their own destiny. The Stars will need to win and get some help.

Beating the Flames the other day was a good start. But note that it was an OT win, so the Flames got a point out of that game. The Stars are trying to catch the Flames in the standings so it would have been nice for them to bridge the gap by 2 points and not 1. I think if they fail to beat the Flames tonight, I am confident in saying they aren’t going to be playing in the playoffs soon. Not only do they need to contend with them, but they’ll need help from other teams losing as well. I just recently did a write-up on this game, a game in which we cashed in on. This matchup features a trend that has been profitable if you have happened to take advantage of it.

Calgary Flames @ Dallas Stars

The Flames and Stars played to a 0-0 tie at the end of the 1st period a couple games ago, but they exploded for 5 goals in the 2nd period to make the OVER bet a foregone conclusion. Goals have been what these two have been famous for when they meet up. For the most part that is what has made up the Dallas Stars season throughout. The offense is certainly present, but defensively they leave a lot to be desired. And that lack of a defense is what will keep them out of the playoffs. If they did have a defense I would have to think they would be comfortably situated in a playoff spot at the moment. The Stars, however, are 26th in the NHL, allowing 3.16 goals per game. Offensively they find themselves on the opposite end of the stick, as they are currently 2nd in the league in goals scored, with 3.05 goals a game. The other four teams in the top 4 are all favorites to win it all, so you can see how badly the defense has hurt them.

The Flames’ offense steadily improved as the season went along, and are now 6th in the NHL. Not bad for a team that many people thought would have an abysmal offense. There is always one or two teams that play the surprise role, and the Flames definitely fit into that category. They aren’t exceptional defensively though, as they are 15th in the league in goals against. As I alluded to earlier, when these two teams tangle it always equals lots of goals. The OVER is 11-2-3 their last sixteen times meeting up. It is also 5-0-2 the last seven games played in Dallas between the Stars and Flames. I gave you this winning pick a few days ago and we’ll go back to it tonight.