Flyers vs. Bruins Pick – NHL October 21st

The Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers haven’t gotten off to the best of starts this season. Both east coast squads are below .500 and aren’t in a position of competing for the Stanley Cup. It wasn’t that long ago that the Bruins were hoisting the hardware and all was well in Boston. And it wasn’t that long that the Flyers were a competitive playoff team. The Bruins might be able to turn in a playoff appearance this season, a big if, but my confidence with the Flyers isn’t there. Maybe they find some way to surprise me, I however don’t think it’s going to be the case. My original prediction before the season was the same as that, and it hasn’t changed following a week of play for the Flyers. The organization threw in the towel a couple years back and essentially went into rebuilding mode. The Bruins did the same thing last year. They sent Milan Lucic to the Kings and now are looking at unloading even more of their talent. Chara and Marchand are the core of the Bruins right now, but they could be on the way out.

Let’s face it, the Bruins aren’t going to do anything with them on the team or not, so it does make sense that they trade them away to a contender and put the rebuilding mode into full gear. The Flyers do still have Claude Giroux. A Chara and Marchand trade would pretty well empty out empty out the Bruins roster, other than I suppose Tuukka Rask. The Flyers are coming off a game last night, so this is a back-to-back affair for them who are travelling in from Philadelphia after a 2-1 loss to the Stars. The Bruins here are decent size favorites over the Flyers.

Philadelphia Flyers vs. Boston Bruins Pick

The problem for the Bruins has been their quickly deteriorating defense. The Bruins have had such a good defense the past five or so years, it’s what propelled them to winning a Stanley Cup and staying atop the NHL for so long. Not so much the case now. The Bruins would go games without allowing more than three goals. This season they’ve already done that three teams. Rask is being left out to try, as the defense on the Bruins outside of Chara is extremely weak and inexperienced. The Bruins have allowed an average of 4.20 goals per game this season, while scoring 3.6. So there’s been offense, but little on the defensive side. That isn’t very Bruin like at all.

The Flyers have a tough task on their hands after losing against the Stars last night. The Bruins haven’t been playing good hockey, but the Flyers might not have the horses to keep up with Boston tonight. What I’m looking at in this game though is the total. Anytime the total is set at 5 in a Bruins game you have to look at the OVER, at least for now until they show some resemblance of a defense. I don’t think the public has caught up to how bad their defense is now and the line on their totals has reflected it. The Bruins have gone 5-0 to the OVER this season. I like it again here against the Flyers.