Golden Knights vs. Sharks Game 6 Pick – May 6th

It’s do or die time for the San Jose Sharks, who must win tonight or be the second team to get knocked out by an expansion team in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. This isn’t just any expansion team, though, as we all know what the Golden Knights have done thus far. They may not be done yet, and a win tonight would give them a berth in the Western Conference Finals. Kind of wild to even think of it like that, but there’s been some wild circumstances that have already taken shape in Las Vegas.

It doesn’t matter what happens in the rest of this series, what they’ve done to this point can’t be taken away. In any event, they actually are only one game away from going to the top conference series. Then, of course, another series win would take them to the Stanley Cup Final. Some things are impossible to predict, and this year for the Knights has been crazy.

The Golden Knights got the calls from the refs in Game 5 and were able to cash it in with goals. Notably, they got the benefit of a perplexing interference call, which appeared like it was more of an interference the other way, not on the Sharks. That’s just part of sports, though. Yeah, the officiating has been putrid in the Stanley Cup Playoffs this season. However, it’s been an all-around awful effort with just about every team having to deal with the bad calls. The Sharks nearly made a miraculous comeback down 4-0 in the 3rd period, but they came up a tad short. We’re back in San Jose for Game 6, as the Sharks look to force this series to a Game 7. Get our free Golden Knights vs. Sharks Game 6 pick below.

Vegas Golden Knights vs. San Jose Sharks Game 6 Pick

Vegas must keep their composure and not get too antsy. It might be easy to look ahead here and think about what awaits them in the next round. On second thought, with Gerard Gallant behind the bench, the Knights are unlikely to get into that frame of thought. Gallant has done a heck of a job and solidified a job in Las Vegas for probably a good while. The Panthers foolishly fired him, but he was able to fall right into the Golden Knight’s lap.

Vegas had the Sharks on the ropes for 2 periods. They helped Fleury out much more than the previous game, as the Knights clogged the attacking zone. The Sharks were doing whatever they wanted in Game 4, that didn’t happen in the following effort as they found it much tougher to get to Fleury. Kudos to Gallant for identifying and fixing the glaring hole from Game 4. That is what good coaches and teams do.

Nonetheless, would we be talking about a Vegas win in Game 5 without erroneous penalty calls by the refs? You can’t really consider the ‘what ifs’ too much, but I tend to believe the game would have played out differently. This should be another close contest between the Golden Knights and Sharks. After the officials were heavily criticized following Game 5, I can’t see Vegas getting free breaks in San Jose. If anything, they will go in favour of the Sharks to get this series to a Game 7, which would promise to be a spectacle for the NHL on the Las Vegas Strip. The Sharks will likely force a Game 7 and then buckle up for what should be a wild one in the series finale.

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