Hurricanes vs. Red Wings Pick – NHL April 7th

It is funny how quickly things can change in the NHL. Not only the ice for the teams, but how about sports betting. One minute things are rolling and the next you are asking yourself what is going on. The Red Wings are asking themselves that question right now and will have to respond tonight in a vital game against the Carolina Hurricanes. They lost again to the Capitals for the second consecutive time on Sunday, which bumped them down even further. The Senators ended up earning a point in OT against the Leafs so it could have worse. But things are getting hairy for the Wings after it looked like they were going to cruise into the playoffs, and not only make it, but hold onto a high seed in the process.

Now, though, the Wings are just fighting for their playoff survival as the season progressively ticks down on them. If they end up completely falling off the map and don’t even make the playoffs, heads are going to be staring at Mike Babcock. Not exactly because of the collapse, Babcock has already proved himself as one of if not the best coach in the NHL. Rather people are going to begin to talk about what his next move is going to be. Will he be behind the Red Wings bench a year from now? Before we get there, lets see if they can even make the playoffs to begin with. For me personally, lets see if I can break out of this skid. I typically have a rough end to the season in the final two weeks, but throw me a bone here gambling gods. I already stated to play this last week with small units. I can’t see myself falling in love with any play. Stick to that tonight as well.

Carolina Hurricanes @ Detroit Red Wings

The Hurricanes, like many other teams, are just riding the season out and preparing for the offseason. The Canes took it a notch further and ended up losing to the Buffalo Sabres at home last night. Against the Wings though, are the Hurricanes going to be excited to play tonight? After losing to the Sabres they may look to put forth a better effort after that embarrassment. But on the other hand, the Red Wings are well rested after Sundays loss to the Washington Capitals. The Red Wings will be in more of a desperate role tonight, most certainly, but we can’t always underestimate the ability of a team that is looking to ruin anothers season. I argue that the Red Wings are one of those teams that others get motivated to play against.

However, the Canes haven’t had a favorable history playing in Detroit. They are only 1-6-1 in their last eight games playing in the Motor City. In fact, they haven’t been very good against the Wings at all, winning only one of their last five meetings. I am making this purely off how motivated the Wings are going to be on the ice tonight, and I am putting a lot of faith in Mike Babock to be firing on all cylinders. The Wings are not in 8th position, this is dangerous territory. They are tied with Penguins and Bruins, but the Wings get the 8th seed due to head-to-head matchups. If they don’t blow the doors off a tired Hurricanes team tonight they don’t deserve to make the playoffs at all. I am going to hope to hell they beat them by at least a goal. I see something in the 4-1 range. Likewise, lets make a play on the Wings at -1.5 to improve their chances of making the playoffs.