Jets vs. Oilers Pick – NHL March 23rd

For a team facing a lot of adversity, the Winnipeg Jets are responding like champions do. Are the Jets going to be champions at the end of their journey? Well er I don’t know If I can say they will be. However, this is the NHL playoffs where just about anything can happen. Like March Madness, it is where teams that appear to not have much hope at the start come out and put on a display. Did anyone project NC State beating Villanova? Well maybe if the Jets make it into the playoffs they can play spoiler and do something similar. The way they have been playing lately, I find it hard to believe that they won’t make the playoffs. Additionally, it wouldn’t surprise me if they steal a series in the first round. But if they keep up at this pace, the question in the playoffs will be in the Jets blew their load and don’t have much left in the tank at that point?

The Oilers are in the draft sweepstake tank job series with a bunch of the other bottom teams of the NHL. Winning for them about makes zero sense at this juncture. But for playoffs on the roster at the moment, they are still getting paid to play hockey. However, Connor McDavid is a game changer, and I think putting him on this team and allowing them to grow over the next couple of seasons would turn this franchise around quickly. McDavid is a game changer and is perhaps the best player in the draft to come along in a long time. So yes, it definitely is in the Oilers best interest to give themselves the best opportunity at acquiring him. The Coyotes are doing a tank job for the ages currently so they may want to continue to lose games to keep pace with them and the Sabres. Unfortunately they won their last game in OT against the Flyers, but it was only their second win in ten games, so they have been doing something right. We have been doing something right I can say that much. Tonight we got for six straight winning picks in the NHL.

Winnipeg Jets @ Edmonton Oilers

For the Jets these are the games you have to win if you really want to be taken seriously. It won’t be the end all be all if they lose tonight and I’ll still have them as a favorite to clinch a playoff spot, but losing against a team like the Oilers can kill the momentum that you have going for yourself. And currently, the Jets have some solid momentum leaning in their direction. Winnipeg has won four straight games after handing the Capitals a loss, 3-0, in their last matchup. The Caps are another team vying for a playoff spot, so it was a big game for both clubs. Not only did they knock the Capitals off, but they beat a lot of good competition before that. Note that they started their winning streak off with a win over the Tampa Bay Lightning, and then they followed it up with a win over the Sharks and Blues. Those are three definite playoff teams and another that will probably find their way in. Now, enter the Edmonton Oilers.

The Oilers are near the bottom in virtually all categories. In the standings they are at the bottom, and the goal scoring and defensive categories have left a lot to be desired for the Oilers this season. McDavid would immediately provide an immense boost to them, something they desperately need. The Oilers are 26th in scoring this season, averaging a pedestrian 2.32 goals per game. But even worse for Edmonton has been the defense. They get lit up on the regular, and it shows statistically, where they rank dead last in goals against per game. They’ve outdone themselves lately, where they are exceeding that mark in their last ten games. In those set of games they allowed 3.80 goals per game compared to their average on the year of 3.33. The Jets are 4-1 over the Oilers in their last five games. And without having to travel too far to get to Edmonton, the Jets should be able to hang in there tonight and secure another much needed victory. The Oilers on the other hand will secure a much needed loss.