Jets vs. Stars Pick – NHL February 25th

The Winnipeg Jets and Dallas Stars meet up once again after a recent clash in Winnipeg. We switch scenes, and head down to the Lone Star state, where the same matchup will ensue in Dallas. The Stars were able to knock the Jets off two nights ago, 5-3. It was in fact the second straight games they beat Winnipeg by the same score. The Stars are winners of four straight against the Jets. A sharp decline has hindered the Jets lately with four losses in a row. They are 3-7 in their last ten games. I always said the Jets are about as mediocre and average as you are going to come to find in the NHL, and they haven’t changed my mind after saying it months ago. They were at .500 for several months in a row, but due to their recent string of bad luck, the Jets have fallen to 25-30-4 on the year. The playoffs are an afterthought for the Jets this season. Last season they nabbed a spot, only to get beat by the Anaheim Ducks in the 1st round. It was a success just reaching the postseason last season, but they’ve regressed the following season, failing to build off what they accomplished in the previous season.

The Jets didn’t make much noise in the offseason and really didn’t make any moves to improve. Thus, there is no surprise with this team, they are vanilla as they come. Meanwhile, the Stars are enjoying their time at the top in the Central in 1st place. The Jets are 7th in the Central. This will be third time they’ve played in the last eleven games, with the Stars coming out victorious on both occasions, 5-3. It appears that it will be Ondrej Pavelec getting the nod for Winnipeg, and Antti Niemi for the Stars. Pavelec has been on the shelf for a good chunk of the season. He only returned to action on February 13th, after his last start in November. There has appeared to be some rust to shake off for him, as he hasn’t been playing his best. Pavelec has allowed 12 goals since coming back, in four games. He enters with a 2.85 GAA. The Stars will look to join the playoff party this season. A team with little experience in the playoffs, yet loads of talent. They will look to improve on their 38-17-4 record tonight at home in Dallas.

Winnipeg Jets vs. Dallas Stars NHL Pick

The Stars needed that win against the Jets, as they were in danger of losing four in a row. This was following a four-game winning streak. However, the Stars took care of business and did what they’ve pretty well always done against the Jets. The Stars have now won 5-1 in the last six meetings against them. The Blackhawks have Patrick Kane and Jonathan Towes. Here in Dallas the Stars have Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn. On and off the ice there are similarities between the four. Towes and Benn are the quiet leaders, while Kane and Seguin are outgoing and eccentric with some flare on the ice. The Stars’ offense hasn’t squandered away after finishing at the top in offense last season. They are 2nd in the league in scoring, trailing only to the Washington Capitals.

The Stars added a little bit of defense in the offseason and it has elevated them to 1st in the Central. A little bit is all they needed due to how good the offense can play. Nevertheless, is an okay defense going to be able to get the job done in the playoffs? The Stars are 21st defensively, and their defense was why they lost three in a row recently. Note that they have given up an average of 3.60 goals in their last ten games. The Jets have been unable to slow the Star offense down, though. Dallas has scored 18 goals in their last four meetings, a 4.5 goal scoring average. The Jets have been shaky on defense as well lately, allowing 3.5 goals per game in their last ten. We got absolutely nothing in the way of offense last night in Anaheim. But in Texas I see a different story, with goals aplenty in Dallas between the Jets and Stars.

PICK: OVER 5.5 GOALS (-115)