Leafs vs. Capitals Pick – NHL March 1st

Another awful display by the Toronto Maple Leafs last night, as they got handled by the Montreal Canadiens, 4-0. Management and the team have already packed the season in and seem to have no interest in competing the rest of the way. In fact, I think management is more content with losing the rest of the way to garner a better draft pick than win and hurt those chances. As a Leafs fan I just want this team to lose the rest of the way. They aren’t going to win anything this season or make the playoffs for that matter, so may as well look toward the future because the majority of the players on the current roster won’t be around then. The Leafs did win two straight before that loss to the Canadiens, but prior to that loss five straight games. It appears they may be heading for another losing streak. It will be tough to avoid a loss tonight against the Capitals. The Leafs need to pack up and travel down to Washington from Montreal after getting blasted by their rivals. Toronto rarely plays back-to-backs following a Saturday night game. How up are the Leafs going to be for this game?

The Capitals have had a immense success this season. Other than not being able to sweep the season series against the Penguins, the Caps are having themselves a solid campaign. There is still a ways to go though before the curtain closes on the season. If they get too comfortable all of the success they had will go out the window. They have lost their last three games, a couple more and it could be uh oh time in Washington. Actually, a loss against the Leafs today would probably send them into that state of mind. There definitely isn’t any room for error against the Leafs who should be tired and disinterested tonight. Last nights winner on the Wings/Predators OVER 5 hit easily for us. Still trying to process how they posted that at only 5 with two top 10 offenses playing. I am just thankful we were able to take advantage of it. Let’s start March the right way with a winning pick. February equaled profits, but we need to finish the season off strong now.

Toronto Maple Leafs @ Washington Capitals

A lot of the Leafs problems just come down to a lack of focus and lack of a desire to win. When they were faced with adversity earlier in the season they didn’t bounce back , but instead curled up in the fetal position and quit on the season. That came to an apex when they fired their head coach Randy Carlyle. Since then the Leafs played themselves out of a playoff position are more concerned about the upcoming draft at this point. It will take more than one draft and offseason to fix the Leafs problems, so they should be looking forward to the next couple of drafts. Issues started coming to a head when their offense completely went off the rails. They were actually 2nd in the league in scoring for the first few months of the season. Now the Leafs are averaging 2.69 goals a game for 17th in the NHL. So a difference of 16 spots in about two months.

The Capitals have been fairly consistent in all areas. Their scoring is up from last season, 8th in the NHL in scoring and they are 9th in goals against. It is funny that the Predators ditched Barry Trotz because of his lack of initiative on offense, but with the Capitals the team has improved. Likewise, the Predators have improve drastically. It has worked out for all parties. The Capitals have played solid all-around hockey on both ends of the rink, and actually in their last ten games they’re equal production wise on offense and defense. 2.70 goals for and 2.70 goals against. I will take consistency over the Leafs. And that is what I am going to do today with the Capitals. Too much juice for me on the ML, but I think the Caps should be able to get the win by more than a goal so I’ll play my bet on -1.5.

PICK: CAPITALS -1.5 (+126) – Best Odds