Lightning vs. Blackhawks Game 6 Pick – Stanley Cup Finals

This series have been something else to figure out. Take home ice advantage and throw it out the window. Specifically for the Lightning, who were unbeatable at home during the regular season. They’ve now dropped several games at home and have had to battle on the road to stay alive. They escaped against the Rangers dropping games at home, but it may just catch up to them against the Blackhawks tonight. They’ll need to pull out some magic on the road once again if they’re going to bring the Stanley Cup Finals back to Tampa for a 7th game. To be honest, I’m going to be happy once this series is over with, because I can’t decipher a Lightning game if I knew the winner beforehand. I do like playing under bets in Stanley Cup Finals, but the uncertainty of Ben Bishop has kept me away or leaned me towards the over. Frustrating enough, game 5 was low scoring and cashed the under bet. I said in my previous writeup that it was going to come down to who catches a break. Well, the Blackhawks got a slam dunk on their 1st goal, as Bishop and a Lightning player ran into each other above the circle, creating an empty netter for the Hawks.

I have stressed it multiple times, Ben Bishop is a great goalie, but he routinely has too many mental lapses and allows goal like the one you seen last night. It has happened three or four times now in the playoffs. I’m not going to say that one was completely his fault, but there was no need for him to be way out of the net like that with Blackhawks crashing towards the puck. The play ultimately cost the Lightning the game, and quite possibly the series, as the Stanley Cup Finals turns to Chicago where the Stanley Cup will be on hand. A Blackhawks’ win will clinch them the Cup on home ice in Chicago.

Tampa Bay Lightning @ Chicago Blackhawks

I should have taken a harder look at the total with my last pick, but like I said the status of Bishop was up in the air and I didn’t end up touching it. I have seen enough from Corey Crawford in the finals to know that he is on top of his game. It has been a roller coaster for him in the playoffs until this point really. Crawford isn’t exactly the reason why the Blackhawks have made the Stanley Cup Finals, but now that they’re here he’s been doing his job in full. It’s going to be interesting if the Blackhawks do in fact win the Stanley Cup due to the fact that there isn’t a clear-cut MVP. As it is now, that award would have to go to Antoine Vermette, an unlikely hero for the Hawks.

The way this series has been going, and for the Lightning in the playoffs, it looks like the Lightning are going to win in Chicago and pull it back to Tampa Bay. However, betting against the Blackhawks in this spot seems like a difficult proposition as well. In other words I’m going to look at the total for my pick for game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. The ice conditions haven’t been ideal in Chicago or Tampa and it has led to a choppy game. The superstars haven’t been able to get going on either team. A 2-1 game seems like another realistic scenario. Catching plus money, I’m going to make a play on the UNDER 5 in game 6.