Lightning vs. Rangers Pick – NHL May 24th

The road to the Stanley Cup is heating up as we now have a couple of series deadlocked at two games a piece. The Blackhawks were able to beat the Ducks for the second time in overtime in this series. It wasn’t quite the marathon as the first, but it was the same result for the Blackhawks. They got out shot in the 1st overtime period severely, but the Blackhawks had a couple of golden opportunities to end the contest. The puck bounced their way in the 2nd overtime and tied the series up. We cashed a ticket there, which is another winner that has become a profitable time of the year for me in the NHL playoffs. I had a horrible beat that sticks out in my mind in the first round, but other than that it has been straight cash for the most part. We’re getting closer to the finals, but there are still two exciting series going on at the moment that we have been making money from. Hopefully that continues today in game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals in New York tonight.

In game 4 the Rangers blew past the Lightning to set up a chance at home today to take the series lead. A big game by all accounts. Lightning win and they can finish the deal in game 6 at home. Rangers win and the best the Lightning can hope for is a game 7. A game 7 in New York wouldn’t be the kind of scenario the Lightning are looking for, because that isn’t going to be an easy task to pull off. I think catching the Rangers napping tonight is going to be their best chance. You know, after blowing the Lightning apart the Rangers might be feeling too comfortable, but that might be wishful thinking on the part of the Lightning, and I don’t believe that’s what they’re thinking. What they are thinking is oh shit Henrik Lundqvist bounced back with a solid game against us. They have cause for concern, because with the way the Rangers offense has been playing, if Henrik catches fire it is going to be lights out on Stamkos and the Lightning. This has been a close series without Lundqvist at this best, keep that in mind.

Tampa Bay Lightning @ N.Y. Rangers

The Lightning have been a tough team to solve for Lundqvist, so I give them credit in that respect, not a lot of teams know how to. But all it can take sometimes is one good game to set the stage for a big roll. Is that what were going to get with Henrik now? We’ll see tonight as a critical game 6 goes off tonight at the historic Madison Square Garden. While the Rangers have had to rely on their offense in this series primarily, they got a bit of both in the previous game. A 5-1 final was enough to put them back on the map as a team people respect to win the Stanley Cup. Fans can be extremely fickle during playoff season, one night they’re trash and the next they’re winning the championship. Case in point the Golden State Warriors in the NBA. Apparently fans had them as pretenders the first two games of their series, and last night they got anointed as the NBA champs by probably the same people.

I see that with the Rangers, too. Henrik is off for some games so the Rangers are doomed, he bounces back and all is well. I think all will be well for the Rangers tonight at home. I see this being a 7 game series with the Rangers winning tonight. Henrik has had his slip ups against the Lightning in the past, but I believe he’s going to build off the start he had in game 4. We’ll go with the Rangers tonight.