Oilers vs. Ducks Game 5 Pick – NHL May 5th

The Edmonton Oilers had all of the cards in their corner, and then they went back to Edmonton and everything seemingly fell to pieces. With a chance to wrap things up with two wins at home, the Oilers gave their wins in Anaheim right back, losing both Game 3 and 4 in Edmonton. Now, they are in a tough position where they must win three games in a row at the Duck Pond. They already have two from Game 1 and 2, a win tonight would give them their third and the 3-2 series lead.

The Oilers were out from the get-go in Game 3, as they got blasted for a 6-3 loss. Things came down to the wire in Game 4, but Ryan Getzlaf was too much to handle. Getzlaf had a monster night, including 2 goals and 2 assists, including a helper to Jakob Silfverberg on the game-winner in overtime. It was an impressive performance from the long-time Ducks’ leader, which they needed more than ever in Edmonton.

With the series shifting to Anaheim, the series is still up for grabs. Is anybody going to win at home in this series? If not, the Oilers are going to win here in seven games. Before the series began, the Oilers were installed as the favorites to win not only this series, but the Stanley Cup.

I think this largely due to all of the money coming in on the Oilers from their fans. While the Oilers are an ultra-talented team, who are going to be in the picture for years to come under Connor McDavid, I personally don’t see them winning in 2017.

Experience isn’t something you can teach and other than Milan Lucic, there aren’t many on this roster who’ve been through this dance often. This series is still there for the taking, though. We’ll see if they can win yet another won in Anaheim. Get our Oilers vs. Ducks Game 5 pick for free at The Sports Geek.

Edmonton Oilers vs. Anaheim Ducks Game 5 Pick

We nailed the Rangers last night, as they turned in a no-sweat winner for us against the Senators. The Rangers jumped out early again and it didn’t look back, a lot like Game 3. You could game put that game on replay instead of playing Game 4. We expect a hard fought, competitive game in Anaheim for Game 5 between the Oilers and Ducks.

The Ducks have been the aggressors the last two games, and it’s translated into two wins. They didn’t look too nervous going into Edmonton down 0-2, and that’s what you can usually find from experienced teams like the Ducks. They’ve scored 10 goals the last two games, with Cam Talbot regressing from earlier in the playoffs. Talbot is the x-factor, he needs to steal the show for the Oilers to make the finals. And for the last two games, he’s been more of a liability.

Anaheim has outplayed the Ducks for three games now. Yes, three. Anaheim had 40 shots on net, compared to 23 for the Oilers in Game 2, but they couldn’t solve Talbot. The Ducks have averaged a whopping 35.75 shots per game this series, versus the Oilers who have notched 28.5 shots. This would be a 3-1 series for the Ducks if it weren’t for Talbot standing on his head. He’s looked off the last two games, and I think it continues on the road in Game 5. The Oilers fail to win their third in a row in Anaheim, and the Ducks pick up a win in Game 5 to take a 3-2 series lead.

PICK: DUCKS (-140)

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