Penguins vs. Wild Pick – NHL November 4th

Our pick on Saturday was never in doubt, as the Penguins steamrolled the Sabres for another impressive victory. For the Sabres, it was another dreadful loss, surely many more to come for them. I chose to just focus on football on Sunday and last night had only the one game so I bypassed a couple days for tonight. The larger the card, the greater chance of a winning pick, or most of the time I should say. I particularly like these nights. With much more information to go off of, it can often be overwhelming narrowing down a pick or two, but there is certainly a better chance at success. It has been a topsy-turvy start of the year for me. Back and forth as far as my picks are concerned. With that said, though, it is much better to be here than in a hole. It only takes a few nights to be up a substantial amount. I’m on a good run in football and now I just need to translate it to the rink. Let’s start the week off with a win tonight to string together a couple of winners in a row.

Tonight we take a look at what should be an exciting matchup in Minnesota. The Wild have seemed to put it all together this season and are off to a 7-3 start, only a game behind the Penguins who are 7-2-1. The Wild could continue to do well, but you may not here much about them. They don’t exactly have the pizazz of a team like the Pens. They’re probably going to be one of those teams where you look up at the standings near the end of the season and think, really, Minnesota? Of course, that would be to a casual observer. People that follow the NHL on a regular basis may not be surprised with how well they have been playing. However, the Penguins are probably the stingiest test they’ve had all year. The Wild knocked the Bruins off to kick-start a three game win streak here. It’ll be interesting if they’ll be able to keep it going against another formidable opponent.

Pittsburgh Penguins @ Minnesota Wild

We’re only ten games in, but it has been a tale of two halves for the Wild. In the first five games the Wild were making it happen with stifling defense, and now most recently their offense has come to life. If they can both produce at the same time, this is going to be a very difficult team to stop come playoff time. In their last five games they’ve scored 7, 4, 4, 4, and another 4 goals for an average of 4.6 goals per game during that stretch. Overall the Wild are averaging 3.40 goals a game, which for a team that has a defensive kind of identity, it is a good sign for Wild fans. Furthermore, they are averaging 35 shots on net a game, staggering stuff. The defense, however, seen a bit of a hiccup by allowing an average of just below 3 goals a game during those same five games. For a team that didn’t give up any goals in their first two games it is a switch. They’ll be fine moving forward, but they have a firing squad on their hands tonight.

After taking care of the Sabres and scoring 5 goals on Saturday, the Penguins are now averaging over 4 goals per game. Over a ten game stretch to score on average more than 4 a game is impressive. For the weapons they have on offense, this isn’t exactly out of the ordinary, though. Malkin, I believe, will be the guy that either keeps the Pens from winning a Stanley Cup or the catalyst to a Cup. If he shows up in the playoffs like he is playing now, I don’t see any team slowing them down. Like the Wild, the Penguins are putting a good amount of shots on net with 31.4 per game. That gives us a 66.4 shot total between the Wild and Penguins. With the way these offenses are playing right now, I find it hard to believe at the very least we don’t get to 5 goals in this game. Both teams are averaging almost 8 goals per game in total between the two of them. The OVER is 4-1 their last five meetings in Minnesota. At the very least it should be a push, but I think we’ll get this to go OVER 5.

Pick – OVER 5 GOALS (-125) @ (Best Odds)