Rangers vs. Capitals Pick – NHL May 6th

I didn’t like the fact that the NHL scheduled three games on one night and then one on the other. Thankfully luckily we have two games to watch tonight instead of just the Rangers and Capitals. In any case we’re going right back to the Rangers and Capitals so the other game is insignificant to me tonight. I’ll be in Vegas for the next few days, but I’ll still try and get my NHL picks out. Last night in the NHL the Blackhawks really put a stranglehold on the Wild in their series, which might signal the end coming for the Wild. It does take four games to win a series and anything is possible, but how can anybody feel confident about the Wild pulling that off against one of the best playoff teams in the last few years. Patrick Kane looks unstoppable and Corey Crawford has sprung to life in the last two games. The Haws chances at winning it all comes down to him. If Crawford keeps playing at this level then they’ll be right there, but he can’t lapse back to what we were seeing from him a couple weeks ago. The Lightning have a glorious opportunity to send the Canadiens into a similar position tonight, too.

Again in the Rangers and Capital series we have a critical game upcoming. The Rangers are one game away from going down 3-1 in this series. That doesn’t sound right, the Capitals enjoying success in the playoffs and over a Stanley Cup favorite no less. If the Caps win tonight that is exactly how its going to be. It’d be a huge blow for the Rangers to lose this series, and such a step forward for Alex Ovechkin and the Capitals. The way Ovechkin has been playing this year and into the playoffs, I cannot say that he wouldn’t deserve it. The Capitals have been in this spot in the past and haven’t been able to get past it. A win tonight would bring them closer to that.

N.Y. Rangers @ Washington Capitals

Saying it and making it happen are totally different things, and the Capitals have come to find that out the had way. It would be best for them to keep things in perspective and not get too ahead of themselves, even if they win tonight. Ovechkin has been playing some of the best hockey of his playoff career and is probably wearing off on those around him. However, until he brings the Capitals to a Stanley Cup his success will feel somewhat hollow. I do foresee the Rangers putting together one of their best efforts on the ice tonight against the Capitals.

How I see this series going is 7 games. A win tonight by the Rangers would make that a great possibility. Like I said I their best effort on the ice tonight, and I don’t see Lundqvist letting a cheapie in like he did in the previous game. Other than that minor blemish Henrik was still playing well. It could happen of course, but the Capitals up 3-1 in this series would be pretty shocking. I don’t see it occurring and have to side with the Rangers tonight to bring this back to New York all tied up. I’ll take the Rangers tonight on a short price.