Sabres vs. Blues Pick – NHL November 11th

The Hurricanes easily dispatched the Flames last night, defeating them by a score of 4-1. It looked like Calgary was a little jetlagged and tired having to travel a lengthy distance from the west to the east. In hindsight, the Hurricanes were a solid play yesterday given those circumstances. I was on the UNDER 5 so there was nothing to get excited about regarding my pick, no harm no foul. The line did move up to 5.5 during the day, but if you read the article I was happy to get the line at 5 and probably wouldn’t have made the play at 5.5. The Flames are going to be a hard time to get a grip on this season. In this sense, inconsistency will plague them throughout. Their last few games are a good reflection of that, as they put together a couple of good games and then look like the worst team in the NHL the next. I can’t say it is going to be any different for the Hurricanes. Good stretches marred by horrible ones.

For the Buffalo Sabres I don’t foresee any good stretches in their season. Maybe a win mixed in here and there, but in general, all you are going to see are L’s in their future. I hate to beat a dead horse with this team; however, they have been very kind to me from a betting standpoint. Not from putting money on them, but fading and taking advantage of their low scoring games. If the Sabres score 2 goals in a night then it’s a win. But it’s to be expected with this team. There isn’t any talent, so it isn’t without effort. When they sent Ryan Miller packing, it was the final nail in introducing a rebuilding era in Buffalo. With the Bills throwing a sure win away yesterday against the Chiefs, there hasn’t been anything for fans to get excited about lately. The juice on teams against the Sabres is going to be outrageous all season long, regardless of the team they are playing.

Buffalo Sabres @ St. Louis Blues

The Blues showed a ton of promise a season ago. There were many people that had them penciled into the finals at the mid-way point. As we have come to find, though, crowning champions at that point in the season isn’t going to get you anywhere. The NHL is so wide open that it is a recipe for disaster by using that formula. Perhaps it is better that the Blues are playing in the background this season without any pressure on themselves, because it was clear, the pressure got to them late in the season. They did have to fight through injuries, I understand that, but what team doesn’t then? The Ryan Miller experiment didn’t work out. In fact, the Blues got progressively worse after he took the main role in net. Things have been going well relying on Brian Elliot as the starting net-minder. The Blues are 3rd in the NHL in goals against, letting in only 1.93 goals per game. Thus, defense is no problem for them, but they have been scoring only 2.36 goals a game, 25th in the NHL.

The Sabres can only dream of having that kind of offensive output. Buffalo is much further down in that goal scoring department than the Blues are. The Sabres are actually much worse than the team 2nd last in scoring, the Panthers, who score 1.67 goals a game. They’re acquiring 1.12 per game, so that is a pretty significant difference, and showcases how bad they truly are on offense. The Blues stifling defense should have fun here, and bolster their 1.93 goals against even more. This looks like another low scoring final for both rosters. Understandably so then, I am locking the UNDER 5 in for my Tuesday night bet in the NHL.

Pick – UNDER 5 GOALS (-110) @ (Best Odds)