Sabres vs. Penguins Pick – NHL November 1st

Three picks in a row that looked like money early on, three resulting in losses. This one had to be the most frustrating. The Predators and Flames played to a 0-0 1st period. Okay, great, another game in which the Preds and Flames can’t score any goals. This is cashing. Not so fast, they went on to combine for 7 goals in two periods. I am sure the in game UNDER 5 was something absurd at -350 or something after the 1st period. It wasn’t to be, though, as the Predators and Flames absolutely went off for their biggest offensive barrage of the season. We have a card today which features some college football, NHL, and the NBA recently started up. I need to get back to winning ways on the ice.

The ML on this game may be the highest I have seen this season, and the highest I have seen in a hockey game in maybe a few years. At -400 you would have to have some pretty big balls, and be feeling a little drunk from last nights Halloween festivities to want to lay that kind of juice. By all means, the likelihood of it hitting is pretty high, but just like last nights game after the 1st period it isn’t always a guarantee. Losing a bet at that price can shred your bankroll up in an instance. It makes much more sense to take a look at the PL instead. The puck-line will cut a tremendous amount of juice off in this game, taking it from around -400 to -130. The Penguins have to win by 2 with that bet, but I like them to win by 2 anyway. If it so happens a major upset brews up in this game, I won’t need to eat mac and cheese for the next month because I laid the price of -400. With all that said, there is a reason the price is so high: this is the pits of the NHL against one of, if not the best in the NHL.

Buffalo Sabres @ Pittsburgh Penguins

All of the Penguins wins this season have come by more than a goal. They’ve had losses, 2 to be exactly, but all of their six wins were comfortable wins. Against the Sabres, I feel safe that they will be able to do the same at home in Pittsburgh. The Pens have truly been one of the most complete teams in the NHL. There is talent to be had on both defense and offense. We often find that a team has one or the other, but the Penguins have both, which makes them a pretty big threat to hoist the Stanley Cup at the end of the 2014-15 season. Malkin has elevated his game an extra level thus far, and Sidney Crosby has of course been as steady as they come in the NHL once again. What its resulted in is spectacular goal production out of Pittsburgh, averaging 4 goals a game, putting them in 1st in the NHL in that regard. You’ll find them in the upper-half in goals against at 2.44, which is 12th in the league. They may very well look like the best team in the league on defense against the Sabres tonight.

What we have in this matchup tonight is the NHL’s top offensive team going up against the very worst. The Sabres may be on a historic pace this season. Unfortunately for them it may not be the kind of history they want. Buffalo is scoring only 1.09 goals per game, so they are a couple of scoreless games away from scoring less than 1 goal a game. Compared to their offense, the defense looks like a juggernaut, allowing the opposition to score 2.9 goals per game. 2.9 is 21st in the NHL, so when you look at it that way, it is an improvement from the 32nd placed Buffalo offense. I whiffed on the Sharks pick against the Sabres a week ago. The Sabres then went on to lose twice in a row. It should turn into three losses in a row tonight, as they fall to 2-9-1 on the year. Bypass the monster price and bet -1.5 on this one.

Pick – PENGUINS -1.5 (-130) @ (Best Odds)