Senators vs. Blues Pick – NHL January 4th

Do you hear that crashing sound? That may be the Ottawa Senators who seem to be spinning out of control. I didn’t expect much from the Sens this season but they sort of showed some moments of brilliance earlier in the season. This is more of a prediction from me that the Senators are going to continue to run into problems. I shouldn’t say a 18-15-2-4 team is in complete ruins. But the Senators need to find a way out of this funk, a stream of games that has seen them go 3-7 in their last ten games and three losses in a row. Those three losses weren’t close games, the Senators got taken. They are 4-9 in their last thirteen. The Senators haven’t won two straight games since early December. Craig Anderson has been the primary starter for the Senators, and now Andrew Hammond is beginning to get into the mix. Hammond burst onto the scene last year during the Senators to get them in the playoffs. He struggled in the lately goings, as I think the pressure got to him but he looked like one of those goalies that was going to be able to lead a team to a Cup. That didn’t work out too well, and the Senators lost to the Montreal Canadiens in the 1st round.

The St. Louis Blues haven’t had any problems doing well in the regular season. It’s when the playoffs get here that they look like a different team. The Blues are coming off a loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs on the road, a game where they had a lead for 5 seconds. Yes, 5 seconds. The Blues scored to take a 1-0 lead, and then shortly after the Leafs tied it up 1-1. Toronto ran away with it for a 4-1 win. A big win for the Leafs, but a lackluster from the Blues to hand them their second straight loss. Prior to the Leafs they were downed by the Wild, 3-1. The Blues are back home tonight against the Sens. The Senators hold a sub .500 record on the road with a mark of 8-10-1-1. The Blues and Sens have met twice this season with each team splitting. Now that everyone is going to be longing for football to bet on, hockey and basketball is going to soon be the only sports in town around.

Ottawa Senators vs. St. Louis Blues NHL Pick

The Blues have not been as dominant in the regular season as we have been accustomed to the past few seasons. Maybe it’s a good thing for them? That they don’t blow their load right now. The playoffs are a completely different seasons, so as long as they get a decent seed, the Blues should be fine. Without so much pressure on them, perhaps we will see a different St. Louis team. Statistically the Blues have been very average, scoring 2.41 goals per games and allowing 2.41 as well.

The Senators have been lacking on the defensive end. Hammond is getting some time, because I’m not really sure the Senators are content on who is going to be the main man in net. Anderson has a 2.79 GAA which could be better there. The Sens have allowed an average of 2.92 goals per game, which situates them 25th in the NHL. I expect the Blues to come back strong against the Sens tonight. Getting your ass handed to you by the Leafs can make you a little more focused for the next game. I don’t really love anything today in the NHL, but going to take a shot with the Blues getting +157 at -1.5.

PICK: BLUES -1.5 (+157)