New York Rangers at New Jersey Devils NHL AI Prediction – May 1st

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  • Winner: New Jersey Devils
  • MOV (ATS): New York Rangers +1.5
  • Total Score: O 5.5

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s game 7 of the first round of the playoffs between two fierce rivals, the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils. The series is tied at 3-3, making this matchup a must-watch for every hockey fan.

Looking at the stats, both teams have impressive offensive firepower. The Devils average 3.448 goals per game while registering an impressive shooting percentage of 10.38%. They also dominate possession with a corsi percentage of 53.692% and offensive zone percentage of 51.41%.

Meanwhile, the Rangers score an average of 3.276 goals per game with a shooting percentage of 11.139%. They also hold their own in possession with a corsi percentage of 52.741% and an offensive zone percentage of 52.741%. Both teams are evenly matched on special teams as well, with each boasting strong power play percentages above the league average (Devils: 21.88%; Rangers: 24.1%).

However, when it comes to penalty killing, the Devils hold an advantage over their counterparts with a penalty kill percentage of 82.61%  compared to the Rangers’ penalty kill percentage which is just shy under at around 81%. The goalies will be playing a critical role in tonight’s game as they try to keep their net clear from any incoming pucks.

The Devils goalie has shown remarkable saves per game statistics by saving around 90% while facing some formidable opponents throughout the season. In comparison, the Rangers’ goalie boasts even better save average at 91% while maintaining good form this season.

All signs point towards this being a closely contested match up that could go either way – but if we had to make predictions based purely on these statistics alone, we would pick the New Jersey Devils winning tonight’s game, but not covering the spread since both teams’ defense seem equally strong. We can expect it to be a low-scoring affair because most past matches involving these teams have resulted in low scores.

Date: May 1, 2023 11:10 pm EST
Odds Courtesy of:
Rangers +1.5
O 5.5
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Shooting %53.751.0
Corsi %0.9040.91
Offzone %0.60.7
Power Play Goals2.73.0
SAT F21.924.1
SAT A82.681.2
Save %
Power Play Chance
Power Play %
Penalty Kill %
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