BIG vs. NiP Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Spring Group A Analysis and Picks

BIG vs. NiP Betting Predictions | BLAST Premier Spring Group A Analysis and Picks

Hello and welcome to our second BLAST Premier Spring 2022 Group Stage pick. The first one revolved around betting on G2 vs. Complexity. This one here, as the title suggests, is all about BIG vs. NiP betting picks. It’s going to be a lot tighter match, but at the end of the day will also come down to the map at play.

Remember guys, this is a bo1 encounter. There are no bo3 total maps over/under options. However, handicaps are still available; round handicaps, mind you. There are also total rounds wagers too, meaning you don’t have to worry about not having adequate bet variety with this one.

Even though this is the opening round of a bo1 double-elimination bracket, there’s plenty of stuff to bet on!

BIG vs. NiP Odds

For starters, here are the CSGO odds for this matchup:

BIG to win:
NiP to Win:
Total Maps Over 26.5:
Total Maps Under 26.5:
Disclaimer – odds are subject to change

There’s no clear favorite here. On paper, NiP have the better squad (at least in my books), but BIG’s solid performance on Funspark ULTI puts them ahead in the eyes of online esports bookmakers. Should you listen to their suggestions or do things your own way? Well, one way to sort this one out is by reading the remainder of our BIG vs. NIP betting predictions!

BIG vs. NiP Betting Predictions

With all that in mind, let’s get ourselves familiar with both sides before moving onto concrete picks!

BIG Betting Preview

Current Roster

  • tabseN (IGL)
  • tiziaN
  • syrsoN
  • k1to
  • faveN

BIG had a solid outing on Funspark ULTI. Considering the way they had played last year, we didn’t really think they’d win two matches… especially against Fnatic and K23 who had previously knocked Astralis down to the losers’ bracket.
Unfortunately, BIG were outclassed by Gambit. Sh1ro and the company gave the Germans no chance… no chance at all! As for their second defeat, the one against Entropiq, it went to the decider and full thirty rounds. Inches were standing in the way of BIG reaching the finals. I reckon Gambit vs. BIG would’ve been a much better grand finale.
As for their chances coming into this one, if device was in the equation, my money would be on NiP. But, since he’s not in the starting roster, it’s difficult to say. BIG are usually not the best against NiP, but without device, they should steal the show, especially if they end up on Overpass or Dust 2.

NiP Betting Preview

Current Roster

  • REZ
  • Plopski
  • Hampus (IGL)
  • es3tag
  • phzy

What’s phzy doing in NiP’s starting lineup? Where’s device? Well, that’s a thing that greatly affects today’s BIG vs. NiP betting picks. You see, device had to take extended medical leave and won’t be performing on this event. Ninjas named phzy as his replacement, a logical move considering he’s been a member of Young Ninjas for more than a year and has already filled for the main roster in earlier campaigns.

This will be NiP’s first competitive outing following their defeat to Astralis on BLAST Premier World Final last December. That was more than a month ago, mind you. Such a big gap between competitive games could turn out to be crucial ahead of this one.

On the other hand, BIG played their last competitive matches just a few days ago. They finished Funspark ULTI with two wins and two defeats, an overall solid result considering all circumstances.

Statistically, NiP are the better team. They won thirteen h2h clashes whereas BIG won just seven. The Swedes are also on a winning streak, having won four consecutive head-to-heads against the Germans. But, they won’t have their key player and that’s going to prove decisive!.

Wrapping Things Up

That’s everything we need to know about both teams to wrap this one up. Here’s what we’re going with for our BIG vs. NiP betting pick:

BIG vs. NiP Betting Predictions:
BIG to win

Odds are courtesy of BetOnline. Check out our BetOnline review here.

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Yep, we’re counting on BIG to continue their fine form from Funspark ULTI. I know, I know, haters will say they lost in the first real challenge… but come on, you have to admit they had some sick plays on that event.

Plus, this just isn’t the same Ninjas in Pyjamas without Device. Remember what sort of campaigns they had prior to the Dane’s arrival? Mediocre, below average… Phzy is a solid player, but he can’t fill device’s shoes.

It should be an easy win for BIG, assuming they play their cards well in the banning phase!

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