BetNow Promo Codes, Bonuses, and VIP Perks

The key to being a winning sports bettor is, well, picking winners. However, there are a lot of other ways you can get a leg up and a boost to your bankroll just by placing bets!

We’re talking about bonuses and promotions. And when you talk perks and rewards, BetNow is one of the leading online sportsbooks in this discussion.

Throughout this guide, we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know about BetNow bonus offers, promotions, perks, and rewards. If you want to jump right in check out the list below of the top BetNow promo codes!

Bonus Details BetNow Promo Code Min Deposit Max Bonus Rollover
100% Deposit Match Bonus BN100 $20 $500 10x
50% Deposit Bonus BN50 $20 $500 8x
25% Deposit Bonus BN25 $20 $500 5x
Refer a Friend Visit to Claim $20 $200 3x

BetNow Bonus Details – Reloads, Rebates, and More


Vig-Free Promotions

Throughout certain weeks and months of the year, BetNow offers several bets you can make without any vig (juice/rake).

While this might not seem like a big deal, when you extrapolate no juice out over lots of bets, it makes a big difference. It means that all of the lines are going to be better in your favor, as the sportsbook isn’t taking a cut to make money at all.

  • Vig Free November – From November 16th – 30th you will be able to place football teaser bets with no juice

BetNow Rebate Bonuses

If you’re a casino player, you’re going to love this bonus at BetNow. If you have a rough week, the casino will automatically give you 10% of your losses back as a bonus rebate! There are no posted limits on how often you can cash in on this, which means it’s available every week.

The same 10% rebate offer goes out to anyone looking to bet on horse races. Hopefully, you won’t need these BetNow bonuses. But if you do go on a bad run, it’s nice to know you’re going to get some of that back into your account at the end of the week.

Rebates are given every Monday by 12pm(ET).

Seasonal Promotions

What makes BetNow stand out as one of the top sportsbooks online are their seasonal promotions and giveaways ranging from $500,000 up to $1,000,000! They have contests going on all year round, especially during big sports events and major holidays.

BetNow promotional deals are a great way to have fun and get in on the action!

Key Takeaways
  • All of the deposit bonuses at BetNow are on your initial deposit. Make sure to take full advantage of this when you set up your account.
  • The difference in the three welcome bonuses is the percentage match, as well as the rollover requirement.
  • BetNow runs several seasonal promotions that may not be listed here. Make sure you check back often or look at the sportsbook’s promotions page at least once a month.
  • Rollover requirements can be met through the sportsbook, racebook, or the casino. The rollover ratio in the sportsbook and racebook is $1 to $1. In the casino, it’s $1 to $0.20.) In other words, you get a lot more credit towards clearing your BetNow bonuses in the sportsbook.

BetNow Loyalty Program

BetNow’s Lifetime VIP program gives you an incentive to deposit more over time. The more you deposit the more you receive on future deposits:

  • Deposit $500 and earn 10% VIP status
  • Deposit $2,000 and earn 15% VIP status

You also receive loyalty points for wagers places in the sportsbook and casino. Various activities will earn you points which can later be redeemed for cash. It pays to be a VIP.

BetNow Contest Promotions

BetNow Betting Site BannerNot all promos at this online sportsbook need a BetNow promo code. In this section we’ll be talking about those very bonuses

BetNow Contests

At various times throughout the year BetNow runs contests to add a little extra excitement (and of course earning potential) for existing customers. These payouts of these contests range from $10K to 1 Million dollars! And since they’re all free they’re always worth playing for:

  • NFL King of the Hill Contest – Free weekly pick’em contest with over $30K in cash prizes
  • $500,00 Thanksgiving Giveaway – Free NFL Betting contest for BetNow users betting on NFL games between November 21st – 30th
  • $1,000,000 Bracket Madness – Free March Madness bracket contest for active BetNow users
  • Weekly NBA Contest – $10K given out weekly during the regular NBA season
  • Grand Slam Contest – $10K given out weekly during the MLB regular season

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Which BetNow Welcome Bonus Is Best for Me?

You might be a little confused seeing three different BetNow welcome bonuses to choose from. And while we do wish the company would have simplified things a bit, it’s also nice to see some options.


Here’s the major difference between each option. As you move down the list, the percentage bonus you get goes down, but the rollover requirement also goes down.

In other words, you’ll get less in your bonus, but it’s going to be a lot easier for you to clear.

So, if you’re someone who bets a high volume (lots of bets), you’re probably better off going with the 100% bonus because you’ll have no trouble clearing it.

If you’re only a casual bettor, you might want to opt for one of the lower options. And if you’re really unsure about what your volume is going to be, go with the middle plan or the top plan.

Understanding Rollover Requirements

If you’ve never heard of rollover requirements, it’s something important you need to get brought up to speed about. You’re never going to be able to immediately cash out bonus dollars from any online gambling site (not just BetNow).

The reason this is the case is that it prevents people from claiming a bonus and cashing out without ever playing. This would effectively just be free money, and people would abuse it.

The tradeoff is this. You get a bunch of free money, and in turn, you agree to bet with the company for a while. Once you’ve met your part of the bargain, you’re free to cash out and do what you please.

How much do you have to bet? This is the rollover requirement.

Let’s say you choose the 25% deposit bonus at BetNow and make a $100 deposit. The site is going to kick an extra $25 (25% of your deposit) into your account. Your bankroll on the site is now $125.

At this point, you can only cash off the $100 you put on. The extra $25 is subject to the 5x rollover requirement. What this means is that you’re going to have to make ($25 x 5 = $125) in bets before you can cash out that extra cash.

To reiterate, these requirements have nothing to do with the money that you deposited. That money is always yours to do with however you please. Rollover requirements only apply to bonus dollars awarded to you by BetNow through a promotion.

Why These Are the Best Promo Codes for

Why are we so confident these are the best BetNow promo codes? Several reasons. Let’s take a quick look at the most important.

  • The Size of the Bonuses – Bigger bonuses are the best. Why? Because you get more free cash! And even though, as you’ll see, that size isn’t everything, it’s certainly a silly idea not to go after the biggest BetNow promotions out there.
  • The Quality of the Bonuses – Just because a BetNow bonus deal is the biggest doesn’t mean it’s something you want anything to do with. The quality of a bonus has to do with the rollover requirement, eligibility requirements, expiration date, and the terms of service. Our team never recommends any BetNow promo codes without first looking at all these factors (and getting an answer we’re happy with).
  • The Variety of the Bonuses – Not everyone likes to bet on the same things or wagers the same amount of volume. For this reason, a list of the best BetNow promo codes needs to have variety. As you can see, we’ve included options all across the spectrum so that you can pick out the right rewards program for you and your needs.
  • Up to Date and Tested Regularly – Too often, we see other websites with similar lists that create their picklist, and then that’s the end of the story. The list sits dormant for years, and in the time frame, new bonuses come out and the bonuses they have listed expired. That’s not going to happen here. All of these BetNow promos are the newest, biggest, best, and have been thoroughly tested to ensure they work.

Take advantage of BetNow bonus offers and get in on the action!

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Why Does BetNow Offer Promo Codes and Other Bonuses?

It’s nothing more than a creative form of marketing. BetNow’s promo codes and promotions are how they bring new players into the fold and how they retain their loyal patrons. It’s the same as any loyalty program or coupon program you see at other businesses.

  • Why does your local diner offer 20% off on Fridays?
  • Why does the pretzel stand in the mall offer free samples?
  • Why do department stores offer buy one get one free sales?

It’s all about enticing new customers and retaining them once they give things a try. It just looks a little different in the online betting world because the options they have to reward you are different.

We have a more in-depth review of covering all their features so you can judge if this is the right sportsbooks for you.

How to Claim Your BetNow Bonuses

  • Scroll back to the top of the page and pick out the bonus you want to take advantage of.
  • Take a few minutes to fully understand the ins and outs of the bonus.
  • Use the links on this page to navigate over to the BetNow platform.
  • Sign up for your player account.
  • Navigate over to the cashier to make your first deposit.
  • Being the deposit process.
  • In the field where it says bonus/promo code, put the code that matches the bonus you want.
  • Complete the deposit process.
  • Check to see if the bonus has been properly applied to your BetNow account.
  • If it has, great! Time to have fun. If it doesn’t seem right, contact customer support immediately to get things cleared up. Don’t wait to reach out.


BetNow Bonuses FAQ

In order to take advantage of the welcome deposit bonuses at, you will have to use the deposit code. If you just made a deposit and didn't use a BetNow promo code, you can try contacting customer support immediately to see if they'd be willing to credit your account with the appropriate bonus.

For the other promotions at BetNow, you're not going to need a bonus code, as they don't revolve around deposits. What we recommend with these promotions is to take the time to read through the terms of service to see what you're required to do. In some instances, you may have to reach out to customer support to activate your offer by opting in.

As long as you haven't made your first real money deposit at BetNow, you're still eligible for the welcome deposit bonuses. Even if you created your account a while back, you're still going to be able to take advantage of these perks.

If you have already made a deposit, you won't be eligible for the welcome bonuses. However, you are still going to be eligible for all the other promotions at BetNow. Additionally, it might be a wise idea to contact customer support if it's been a while since you've played. Ask if there are any special promotions they can offer you on a reload. We can't guarantee there will be any. However, it never hurts to ask. The worst they can say is no.

As is the case at every online sportsbook and online casino, you're not going to be able to cash out your bonus dollars immediately. Yes, you can always cash out the money you deposited right away. However, you're going to have to meet the rollover requirements to be eligible to cash out your bonus money. This prevents people from abusing the system and taking advantage of the generosity of the marketing team at BetNow.

Yes! In fact, most of the bonuses at BetNow are targeted towards the sportsbook. It's clear the primary focus of BetNow is sports betting, with casino and racebook operations being second.

The playthrough (rollover) requirement on the BetNow promo codes ranges from 5x to 10x. Depending on which bonus you choose, you'll have a different playthrough requirement. When you stack these numbers up against the rest of the online sports betting industry, they're considerably lower, which is great news. In fact, we can't think of one other casino that has a 5x rollover requirement on any bonus at all.

You can use several of these sportsbook-focused BetNow promo codes at the casino if you'd like. The playthrough requirement is the same, however each dollar you wager only accounts for $0.20 of that requirement. So, in reality, the playthrough requirement is higher on casino games, which is to be expected.

BetNow does run a casino rebate promotion, which can get you 10% of your losses throughout the week. Ideally, it's a bonus you hope to never get (because you're winning). However, if you do happen to lose, it's nice to get a little of that back.

BetNow offers incredible action across all major and minor sports. Expect to see action on the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, college sports, UFC, NASCAR, IndyCar, Formula 1, boxing, wrestling, the Olympics, special events, professional volleyball, cricket, and a whole lot more. If it's a sport that you want to bet on, you'll find action at BetNow.

No, you are never required to take advantage of any promotions that you don't want to. Often, we recommend that sports bettors who are only making a few bets and then cashing out for good avoid bonuses because they won't have the time to clear the rollover requirement. However, with BetNow's 5x bonus (25%), most sports bettors shouldn't have much of a problem clearing that at all. So, if you're planning on skipping out on the bonus, at least consider that option.