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The Sportsbook

Our first impression of the BetPOP sportsbook was we liked the layout and design of the page. We were very happy to see that BetPOP didn’t have a single ad on the page for their online casino, as we see from many of their competitors. Hopefully, BetPOP will continue to keep the sportsbook page ad free to eliminate unnecessary clutter.

If you’re a fan of betting on in-play action, you’ll like the fact that BetPOP makes is super simple to find. From the first moment that we logged into the sportsbook at BetPOP, we were able to locate in-play betting easily. We like how convenient BetPOP makes it to locate all in-play betting so that clients searching for it can quickly get down to business.

Sorting on the sportsbook was very intuitive and easy. On BetPOP, you’ll notice that you’re able to sort by either sport or bet type. As we did our complete review of BetPOP, we were always able to locate the wagers that we were searching for in a timely fashion.

Sports You Can Bet On

If you’re looking to get some sports wagers done online, be sure to consider the sportsbook at BetPOP. There, you’re able to wager on 13 different sports. We’ve listed these 13 sports below for your review.

We should note that the list below is the sports that BetPOP had listed at the time of our review. Similar to most other online sportsbooks, BetPOP only lists sports that they have wagers on currently. If a sport you like is not listed below, try checking back on BetPOP’s website once that sport comes into season.

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • esports
  • Boxing
  • MMA
  • Rugby
  • Cycling
  • Horse Racing
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Tennis

As a whole, BetPOP has a pretty short lineup of sports that you can bet on. While it is good that BetPOP has all of the popular world sports covered, we’d also like to see them broaden their selection. We’d suggest BetPOP look into adding some more sports like darts and pool to their mix. Hopefully, BetPOP will continue to add to their lineup of sports that you can bet on in the future.

esports Coverage

One thing that really caught our eye in the sportsbook was the fact that BetPOP offered wagers on esports. Currently, esports are extremely popular in the sportsbook world. Because of this, we’re super excited to see that BetPOP is offering esports action.

At the time of our in-depth review, BetPOP was offering esports wagers of DOTA 2 and LOL. While this is a great starting point, we’d really like to see BetPOP offer in some more esports games ASAP. By adding to their selection of esports, BetPOP will be able to appeal to a larger potential audience of clients looking to wager on esports.

User Interface

We found the sorting ability on the BetPOP sportsbook to be very easy. We had no problems locating what we were searching for bet wise at any point. At BetPOP, you’re able to sort either by sport or by bet type conveniently.

One of the things that we like a ton about BetPOP’s user interface was that they make it easy to sort by bet type. On the main sportsbook page, you’ll have the ability to sort by bet type across the main menu top bar. There, you can select which type of bet you’d like to place, and BetPOP will then show you all sports with that type of bet currently available. Using this sort by bet system made it super simple for us to find what we were looking for every time.

Unfortunately, we didn’t find the ability to change how our odds are displayed on BetPOP. On most other online sportsbooks, you’re able to change how your odds are displayed. We’re a bit disappointed that BetPOP is not offering this same functionality as it is a nice touch for clients that prefer to see their odds in different formats. We’d highly suggest that BetPOP offers this functionality sooner rather than later to help them appeal to a larger potential customer base.

When it comes to the site speed, BetPOP seems properly equipped to handle all of the wagering going on there. We never came across any delays of page load failures throughout our time on the BetPOP site. Every page quickly loaded each and every time.

We liked that BetPOP makes it easy to find in-play betting action. By clicking on the “Live Betting” button towards the top right of the sportsbook, you’ll be taken to a page where you can view all in play betting by sport. Once you select a sport, you can then continue to drill down further until you find the bet that you’d like to place. We’re huge fans of in-play betting, so it is always nice when a site makes it easy to locate.


The Casino

When you need a break from sports betting, take some time to check out the online casino that BetPOP has to offer. In their online casino, BetPOP offers a mix of 24 table games, 18 types of video poker, 41 slots, keno, and scratch offs. While not the largest selection out there, BetPOP does have most of the popular types of games covered.

Something that we were excited to see was that BetPOP offers live dealer casino games. Currently, live dealer games are a big trend in the online casino world, so we’re very happy to see that BetPOP is not missing out on the buzz. At BetPOP’s online casino, you can play live dealer roulette (American and European), Baccarat, and Blackjack. To access the live dealer games at BetPOP, simply click on “Live Dealer” under their casino drop down menu.

One thing that we didn’t see on BetPOP’s online casino was name brand games. For the most part, their online casino was loaded with generic games like “Jungle Free Spin.” We did also see a handful of knock-off games such as “Dogfather” in the mix. We prefer it when an online casino offers some name brand games as they tend to be more engaging by offering better graphics than generic or knock-off games. Moving forward, it would be great if BetPOP could add in some name brand games to their casino selection.

Unfortunately, we were not that impressed with the quality of the game graphics at BetPOP’s online casino. What we came across during our reviews were games that had pretty average quality overall for game graphics. While not the worst we’ve ever seen, BetPOP still has a long way to go in order to match some of the best graphics that we’ve seen elsewhere. In our opinion, BetPOP would appeal to more casino clients if they offered better gaming graphics. Hopefully, BetPOP will consider adding some games with better graphics in the future.

Overall, the online casino at BetPOP is pretty average. BetPOP could definitely afford to offer a larger selection of games along with some better graphics and name brand selections. That being said, they do offer some good live dealer options along with a good core selection of games. With a little more effort, BetPOP could easily step their online casino up another notch with some of our suggested improvements above.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Deposit Options

If you’re ready to get things started on BetPOP, you’ll first need to move some funds onto their site. Luckily, BetPOP offers four deposit banking options for you to choose from. We’ve listed these four options below for your convenience.

  • Bitcoin
  • Instant Gift Card
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Wire

Unfortunately, BetPOP did not disclose the minimum and maximum deposit amounts for each of their deposit banking options. We’d highly suggest that BetPOP list this information on their site so that clients know what their limits are. What’s baffling is that BetPOP clearly lays the limits out for their withdrawals section but not for the deposits. Our hope is that BetPOP will include this information in the future for their clients. In the meantime, be sure to contact the customer service team at BetPOP if you have a question about funding your account.

Withdrawal Options

BetPOP offers convenient withdrawal banking options when you’re ready to move some of your funds off of their site. At the time of our review, BetPOP offered three different withdrawal banking options. Below, we’ve detailed each one of them along with pertinent information for each one.

Paper Check

  • Minimum Withdrawal: $500
  • Maximum withdrawal: $3,000
  • Withdrawal Processing Time: Same day processing. Checks delivered within 4-5 business days.
  • Withdrawal Frequency: Three times every seven days


  • Minimum Withdrawal: $100
  • Maximum withdrawal: $1,000
  • Withdrawal Processing Time: Same day
  • Withdrawal Frequency: Three times every seven days

BetPOP has assembled a pretty good lineup of banking options for their clients. We’d like to see them add in more information about their deposit limits. Also, it would be nice if they could add in some more banking options such as Neteller or Skrill so that they can offer their clients more deposit and withdrawal banking options.

Bonuses and Promotions

BetPOP offers a nice lineup of bonuses and promotions for their clients. These bonuses and promotions are used to help attract new clients and retain current ones. Below, we’ll take a look at each of the current promotions that BetPOP has to offer. By reviewing this list, you’ll be able to get an idea of what promotions might be the best fit for you.

Welcome Package

BetPOP offers a great Welcome Package for all initial sportsbook deposits. Under this promotion, BetPOP will pay you 35% of your initial deposit in the form of free play. It is worth noting that the maximum bonus under this promotion is $300. In order to earn the full $3,000 maximum, you’d need to deposit $858. This promotion is a great way to score some extra free play when you’re getting started with the BetPOP sportsbook.


15% Reload Bonus

If you need to reload funds at BetPOP after a string of bad luck, BetPOP is going to chip in to help you out. Under their 15% Reload Bonus, BetPOP will toss in an extra 15% bonus on all reloads under $500. Your bonus will be paid out as free play. It is worth noting that all bonus funds from this promotion are subject to a 4.5x rollover requirement and that the maximum bonus is $75. 

20% Reload Bonus

Clients planning to reload with more than $500 can pick up even more on a reload bonus. Under the terms of this promotion, BetPOP will pay a 20% bonus on all reloads over $500. What’s great about this promotion is that there is no maximum bonus stated, so the sky is the limit! One thing to note is that all bonus funds from the 20% Reload Bonus are subject to a 4.5x rollover requirement. 

Cash Back Program

If you plan to wager in the sportsbook regularly, you might check out the Cash Back Program from BetPOP. Under the terms of this promotion, you can earn back up to 25% of your net sportsbook losses twice a year. This is a solid program that allows you to at least get back a portion of your losses.

Clients depositing $500 – $999 will get a free play bonus equal to 15% of their net sportsbook losses twice a year. If you’d like to get even more cash back, consider depositing $1,000 or more. If you deposit more than $1,000, you’ll be entitled to 25% of your net sportsbook losses back as free play twice a year.

There are a few things to note about the Cash Back Program at BetPOP. First, you’ll need to have at least 10 weeks with one bet in any given pay period. If you’ve not made at least one bet in 10 different weeks, you would not be able to participate in the cash back program. Secondly, it is worth noting that the cash back is paid shortly after the Super Bowl and the second one is paid on August 1st. Lastly, one great thing about the promotion is that once you’ve deposited at least $1,000, you will keep the 25% tier for life!

Buddy Referral Bonus

BetPOP is willing to pay you some bonus funds for referring your friends to come and play at BetPOP also. Under their Buddy Referral Program, you can score a bonus equal to 50% of you buddy’s initial deposit. According to the terms and conditions of this promotion, you’ll receive your bonus 30 days after your buddy makes their initial deposit.

The maximum bonus that you can earn from this promotion is $500. Your bonus will be calculated as follows: 50% of the first $200 that your buddy deposits and 20% on the remainder. In order to earn the full $500 maximum bonus, your buddy will need to make an initial deposit of $2,200.

There are a few things to note about this promotion. First, your bonus will be paid out as free play funds, not bonus cash. Secondly, your buddy has to roll over his funds 4.5 times in order for you to earn the bonus. Lastly, in order to qualify, your buddy has to enter your name and account number at the time of sign up. Without this information, BetPOP will not pay you the referral bonus. 

5% Juice Special

On Friday nights, BetPOP will offer NFL and NCAA football wagers at a reduced juice amount. During the hours of 9 PM and 6 am EST on Fridays during the regular NFL season, you’ll be able to place wagers at -105 pricing as opposed to the usual -110. What’s great about this promotion is that it allows you the chance to save some funds when placing your bet which will yield you more profit if you win. In the chart below, we’ll showcase the limits that apply to this promotion.

League Type Limit
NFL Side $2,000
NFL Total $1,000
NCAA FB Side $1,000
NCAA FB Total $500

Monday Night Football Contest

You can earn $5,000 of free play from BetPOP in their Monday Night Football Contest. What’s great about this promotion is that it is free to enter. All that you have to do is guess what the exact score of the visitor and home teams will be for the Monday Night Football game. Whoever guesses the exact score will pick up $5,000 of free play!

It is worth noting a few things about this promotion. If multiple people guess the right score, the $5,000 will be split between them. Secondly, your account needs to be active on BetPOP which means that you have played within the last 21 days. Lastly, your account must have a minimum balance of $25 in order for you to qualify for the contest.

Thursday Night Football Contest

Similar to their contest for Monday Night Football, BetPOP also offers a great contest for Thursday Night Football. Under this promotion, you can win $2,500 simply by guessing the exact final scores for Thursday Night Football. This promotion has the same rules and regulations as the Monday Night Football Contest above.

Bad Beat Special

BetPOP’s willing to chip in if you hit a series of bad beats. Under the terms of this promotion, BetPOP will cover one of your lost wagers if you manage to lose two straight wagers by exactly half a point within a 30 day period. If this happens to you, BetPOP will refund you for your second losing bet.

In order to claim this promotion, you’ll have to email the BetPOP team.To make your claim, simply send an email to batbeat@youwager.eu with the subject line “BAD BEAT.” It is worth noting that the maximum refund from this promotion is $250.

NFL Handicapping Contest

As part of their NFL Handicapping Contest, you can participate and enter to win your share of $15,000 of prize money. Each week during the regular NFL season, you’ll log in and make your selections. Points will accumulate throughout the season. At the end of the contest, the person with the highest score will pick up $5,000! The top 10 score will all receive some form of payout from the total prize pool of $15,000. What’s great about this promotion is that it doesn’t cost you anything to participate. 

Basketball Bracket Contests

BetPOP also offers great contests surrounding March Madness and NIT. Under their Basketball Bracket Contests, you can score up to $5,000 by picking the best bracket. This promotion is also free to enter, and the top 15 spots are paid.

As a whole, BetPOP brings a pretty solid set of bonuses and promotions for their clients to the table. We like the variety that they have to offer. Be sure to maximize your bonus earning potential by always taking advantage of any applicable bonuses and promotions that BetPOP has to offer.

Customer Service

At BetPOP, you’ll find three convenient options to contact their customer service team when you need them. At the time of our review, you’re able to reach the BetPOP customer service team via live chat, phone, and email. Below, we’ll provide you details on each one of these contact options.

If live chat is your preferred method of contact for you like it is for us, then you’re in luck. BetPOP offers 24/7 live chat support on their site. We like live chat functionality on sites just due to how convenient it is to get help while you’re on the site.

Throughout our review, we utilized the live chat functionality on BetPOP’s site several different times when we had a question. Regardless of what our question was, the BetPOP customer service team got us answers fast. We were very pleased with the level of support that we received from their live chat team.

You can also contact the customer service team at BetPOP using the telephone. BetPOP offers three different phone numbers for you to contact their customer service team. We’ve provided each of these phone numbers below for you so that you have them if you need them.

  • BetPOP Customer Service Main Phone Number: 1-888-4-WAGERS (1-888-492-4377)
  • BetPOP Customer Service Backup Phone Number: 1-888-5 WAGERS (1-888-592-4377)
  • BetPOP Customer Service Local Phone Number: 011-506-22-96-70-71

Lastly, BetPOP gives you the option to reach their customer service team via email. In total, BetPOP has four different email addresses that you can use to reach four different internal departments. Below, we’ve provided each of these email addresses for your convenience.

Overall, BetPOP has a pretty solid lineup of customer service options. We like the fact that they offer the ability for clients to reach them via live chat, phone, and email as we consider these three contact options to be the perfect trifecta of customer service. Our only suggestion to BetPOP would be to make their customer service contact phone numbers and email addresses easier to find as we had to dig quite a bit to locate them. We were extremely pleased with the level of customer service that we received from BetPOP’s team on each occasion when we contacted customer service. Should you have any sort of question or issue, you can rest assured that the BetPOP customer service team will help you get it sorted out.