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The Sportsbook

Our first impression of the sportsbook at LooseLines was that it was very well laid out. We immediately could get down to the business of betting on sports without any delays due to confusion from the layout. Our only minor complaint about the sportsbook page is that LooseLines does display some online casino ads on the left-hand side of the page. We’d prefer it if LooseLines removed these so that the entire page can be dedicated to sports betting.

Sorting on the sportsbook at LooseLines is very easy. At LooseLines, you’ll get started by sorting by bet type. Once you select the type of bet that you want to place, you can then drill down into the sport and event that you’d like to bet on. Once you’ve found your preferred wager, LooseLines makes it very easy for you to place your wager quickly.

If you’re a fan of betting on live action, LooseLines makes it simple to find all available in-play action. From any page on the site, you can quickly find all live action betting by simply clicking on “Live Wagering” across the main menu bar. We prefer sites like LooseLines that make it very easy for clients to find live action since live action betting is such a hot trend right now in the online sportsbook industry.

Sports You Can Bet On

If you’re looking to bet on sports, LooseLines has a great sportsbook that you can use for all of your sports wagers. At LooseLines, you’ll find 11 sports that you can wager on. For your convenience, we’ve listed these 11 sports below for your review.

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Motor Racing
  • Boxing
  • Politics
  • Horse Racing

LooseLines has a pretty good selection of sports, but it is definitely light overall compared to most other online sportsbooks. While LooseLines has all of the major sports available, they are missing more nitch sports. We’d highly suggest that LooseLines considers adding some other sports such as darts and cycling to their lineup of available sports.

One thing to note is that the list above shows the sports listed as available on LooseLines at the time of our review. LooseLines does not list sports unless they have an active wager available at that time. If your sport of choice is missing from the list above, try checking back on LooseLines once that sport’s season starts.

User Interface

LooseLines has a super easy to use interface. While doing our in-depth site review, we easily found our way around the site, and we never struggled to locate anything. We found it all super intuitive, and we expect that you will too.

We noticed that the site speed was really good. At all times, page loads were very fast, and we never came across any errors or delayed loads. Overall, LooseLines seems properly equipped to handle all of your sports wagers.

One thing that we liked a ton about LooseLines was that they made it very easy to sort by bet type. On the main sportsbook page, you’ll find a menu bar across the top filled with all kinds of bet type options. From there, you can select which type of bet you’d like to make, and LooseLines will then show you all sports and events available for that bet type. We like that LooseLines makes it this easy to sort by bet type as many other sites make it pretty difficult to do.

LooseLines allows players to choose how their odds are displayed in the sportsbook. While not as simple to access as we’d like, it is still very doable. To change how your odds are displayed on LooseLines, click into “My Account” in the top right-hand corner of the page. There, you can select between Eastern, fractional, or decimal formats. In the future, it would be nice if LooseLines would add this functionality onto their sportsbook page to make it more accessible.

Clients looking to bet on in-play action will find it a breeze to locate. By clicking on the “Live Wagering” option across the top menu bar, LooseLines will show you all current in-play betting options. With in-play betting being as hot as it is currently, it is a good thing that LooseLines is making it very easy for their clients to find.


The Casino

As with most other online sportsbooks, LooseLines also offers an online casino as well. At the LooseLines online casino, you’ll find a selection of casino games that includes 41 slots, 24 table games, and 18 types of video poker. LooseLines also offers other games like keno and scratch offs.

Something that we were really excited to see on the LooseLines online casino was live dealer games. Live dealer games are currently a hot commodity in the online casino space, so it is great that LooseLines is offering this option to their clients. Currently, LooseLines offers live dealer Blackjack, Baccarat, American Roulette, and European Roulette.

One thing that we did not see on LooseLines’ online casino were jackpots. While they had a decent selection of slot games, none of them were jackpot games. In the future, it would be great if LooseLines would offer some jackpot games to their clients.

Something else that we didn’t see on LooseLines was name brand games. LooseLines offered plenty of generic and knock-off games like “Dogfather” and “Party in Wonderland.” We’re big fans of sites that offer their clients name brand games as they tend to have better graphics and are more engaging for the clients. We’d like to see LooseLines add some name brand games into their selection sooner rather than later.

We found the game graphics at LooseLines to be pretty average. While not the worst we’ve ever seen, the game graphics at LooseLines were also not the best. LooseLines should consider stepping up their game when it comes to game graphics to be able to better compete with their competition.

Overall, the online casino at LooseLines is pretty average overall. If you’re looking to play casino games online in the same location that you’re doing your sports betting, LooseLines should fit the bill. While there is room for improvement in many places, the existing online casino still offers plenty of options to players.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Deposit Options

If you’re ready to deposit funds onto LooseLines’ site, you’ll find a good selection of banking options to use. Currently, LooseLines offers clients seven different deposit banking options. For your convenience, we’ve listed each of these deposit banking options below.


  • Minimum Deposit: NA

Credit and Debit Cards

  • Minimum Deposit: $100

Ria Money transfer

  • Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Note: Can be done online or from any 7-Eleven


  • Minimum Deposit: NA

Bank Wire

  • Minimum Deposit: NA
  • Note: Wires accepted in US dollars or Euros. Processing time can take up to ten business days.

Person to Person Transfer

  • Minimum Deposit: NA

Withdrawal Options

Withdrawing your funds from LooseLines is easy to do thanks to the withdrawal options that they offer clients. In total, you’ll find three different withdrawal options on Looselines. Those three withdrawal options are Bitcoin, Skrill, and Person to Person Transfer. Below, we’ll list these three options along with important information about each one.

  • Minimum Withdrawal: NA
  • Maximum Withdrawal: NA
  • Processing Time: Same day
  • Withdrawal Fees: Free for those clients whose normal deposit method is Bitcoin


  • Minimum Withdrawal: $100
  • Maximum Withdrawal: $5,00
  • Processing Time: Same day
  • Withdrawal Fees: Variable from $25 to $115 depending on the amount of the withdrawal

Person to Person Transfer

  • Minimum Withdrawal: NA
  • Maximum Withdrawal: NA
  • Processing Time: Same day
  • Withdrawal Fees: Variable

As a whole, LooseLines offers their clients a pretty good lineup of banking options for deposits and withdrawals. While it is a bit limited in terms of total options, LooseLines still offers their clients plenty of major options such as Skrill and Bitcoin. Our suggestion would be for LooseLines to allow Neteller deposits and withdrawals via check to help diversify their lineup a bit more.

Bonuses and Promotions

Like most other online sportsbooks and casinos, LooseLines offers up bonuses and promotions as a way to entice new and current players. Below, we’ve broken out the details on the bonuses and promotions that LooseLines had to offer at the time of our review. Be sure to check out their promotions page to see the latest bonuses and promotions that they have to offer.

50% Free Play & 15% Rebate on Losses Promotion

If you’d like to earn some free bonus cash and get a rebate on your losses, be sure that you check out LooseLines’ 50% Free Play & 15% Rebate on Losses Promotion. Under the terms of this promotion, you’ll score a 50% free play bonus on any deposits over $100, and you’ll also score a 15% rebate on net losses. The free play bonus has an 8x rollover requirement, and the loss rebate has an associated 3x rollover requirement.

100% Free Play Bonus

LooseLines offers all members a 100% free play bonus on all deposits between $100 and $500. Under this promotion, you can score up to $500 in free play simply by depositing funds into your account at LooseLines. Bonus funds earned under this promotion are subject to a 15x rollover requirement. It is also worth noting that first-time credit card deposits are not eligible for this promotion.

Bitcoin Double Bonus

LooseLines will pay you a double bonus on select promotions when you deposit with Bitcoin for the first time. To qualify, you must make an initial Bitcoin deposit of at least $100. Under the terms of this promotion, you’ll get a double bonus under the Reduced Juice & 10% Cash Promotion or the 50% Free Play & 15% Rebate on Losses Promotion. The maximum bonus on any single deposit under this promotion is $500. All bonus funds from this promotion are subject to a 12x rollover requirement.

Refer A Friend Bonus

If you decide that you enjoy wagering on LooseLines, you might want to refer your friends to join in on the action. Lucky for you, LooseLines offers a great friend referral program for you to take advantage of. Under the terms of their Refer A Friend Bonus, you can score a free play bonus equal to 50% of your referred friend’s initial deposit. The maximum bonus from this promotion is $250. In order for you to score the full $250 maximum bonus, your referred friend would need to deposit $500. It is worth noting that the bonus funds from this promotion are subject to an 8x rollover requirement.

Reduced Juice and 10% Cash Promotion

Fans of betting on sides and totals for NFL, NCAA, and NBA full games might want to take advantage of this promotion from LooseLines. Under their Reduced Juice and 10% Cash Promotion, LooseLines offers clients -105 pricing and the choice between either 10% cash back or 20% free play bonus. The bonus funds come with a 5x rollover requirement and the maximum bonus for this promotion is $500. This is a great promotion to save on your wagers while also earning some bonus cash at the same time.

Reduced Juice and 5% Rebate on Losses Promotion

If you like the idea of reduced juice and you’d like to earn a rebate on losses as opposed to bonus cash; this might be the program for you. Under the terms of this promotion, you’ll pick up -105 pricing on NFL, NBA, and NCAA sides and totals for full games. What’s great is that you’ll also score a 5% rebate on all net sportsbook losses. The rebate is paid monthly, and all rebate funds are subject to a 1x rollover requirement.

Overall, LooseLines has a pretty good lineup of bonuses and promotions. We wouldn’t mind seeing them offer some more promotions to help diversify the lineup a bit more. Specifically, LooseLines might consider adding some bet specific promotions tied to accas or teasers. With the current lineup, LooseLines still offers their clients plenty of opportunities to earn bonus cash.


Customer Service

We wanted to be sure to scan the customer service that LooseLines had to offer before we completed our in-depth site review. At LooseLines, you have three different contact methods to reach their customer service team. Currently, you’re able to reach their customer service using email, live chat or phone. We’ll break down each of the customer service contact options below so that you have the details you need.

If email is your preferred method to reach the customer service team at LooseLines, you’ll find it very easy to reach them. During our review, we contacted their customer service team on multiple occasions using email. Each time, we were pleased with the quality of the answers that we received and the speed at which they replied. Below, we’ve provided the two email addresses that you can use to contact LooseLines.

LooseLines also offers live chat customer service support on their site as well. To access their customer service team via live chat, simply click on any live chat link found throughout the site. We really like the fact that LooseLines made these live chat links super easy to find on all pages. Along with their email support, we also tested out their live chat support during our review. Each time, we received great support from their team. Our only suggestion for them regarding live chat would be to offer it 24/7 as they currently don’t offer that.

Lastly, you can reach LooseLines’ customer service team via phone as well. In total, LooseLines offers three different toll-free phone numbers that you can use to reach their team. We’ve provided each of these phone numbers below so that you have them when you need them.

  • LooseLines General Customer Service: 1-800-988-8713
  • LooseLines Wagering Customer Service: 1-800-988-8710
  • LooseLines Sales and Promotions Customer Service: 1-866-471-0238

We’re very pleased with the lineup of customer service options that LooseLines offers to their clients. By offering support via phone, email, and live chat, LooseLines offers their clients what we consider to be the perfect trifecta of options that make it easy for clients to reach them. Our only suggestion for LooseLines relating to customer service would be to offer it 24/7. By doing that, LooseLines will allow any client to be able to reach them at any time.