Atletico Madrid vs. Liverpool UEFA Champions League Betting Predictions and Match Analysis

The Champions League race is set to come back on Tuesday with the first two round of sixteen matches. Atletico Madrid goes up against Liverpool while Borussia Dortmund packs the upset potential against mighty PSG. As the title suggests, today we’ll be focusing on Atletico Madrid vs. Liverpool betting predictions.

Sports betting enthusiast rejoice – the following information ought to bring you right up to the knowledge pedestal ahead of this fiery contest. This time around, we have a different outline in store for you. It’s a more dynamic approach, one that won’t bore you to death. Best of all – Atletico Madrid vs. Liverpool betting predictions are bound to be juicier than anything you have seen before on TheSportsGeek!

Atletico Madrid vs. Liverpool News

Folks who are already used to betting on Premier League probably know what a powerhouse Klopp’s Liverpool is. They’re still the only undefeated team across all of Europe’s top leagues, and they practically have the Premier League trophy in their hands. Nothing can stop Klopp’s machinery, and Diego Simeone looks like just another mild nuisance along the way…

Atletico Madrid’s Lack of Attacking Spark

First things first – we need to understand Simeone’s Atletico Madrid has been plagued with injuries. On top of that, newly acquired players failed to properly sync up with the rest of his team… Not to mention the fact the Argentinian defensive-focused strategist is failing to deploy a well-balanced approach that’s not too keen on defending.

After all, we’re talking about a team that scored just twenty-five goals from twenty-four matches. Their defensive record is on point (seventeen conceded goals, only Real Madrid is better with sixteen), there’s no doubt about that, but with players like Morata, Correa, Joao Felix, and Lemar, everyone expected much more on the offensive end.

Morata and Correa are the only bright spots in an otherwise bleak Atletico Madrid’s season. At the moment, they’re in fourth place but are on a downward spiral, having won just one out of the last seven games. It’s a tough time to be an Atletico Madrid fan, especially with a clash against Klopp’s Liverpool just around the corner! Spoiler alert – you won’t like our Atletico Madrid vs. Liverpool betting predictions if you’re a hardcore Atletico Madrid fan, that’s for sure!

Liverpool’s Perfection

Mohamed Salah, LiverpoolI really can’t say anything bad about the way Liverpool has been playing thus far. Like I’ve said above, we’re talking about an undefeated Premier League team here. Yep, undefeated! Or, better yet, a team that clinched 76 out of possible 78 points.

Thus far in the Premier League, Liverpool has twenty-five wins and a single draw. Talk about consistency…

The way Liverpool got here is by forcing an attack-minded style of play with technical fluidity and tenacious back four led by the man, the myth, the legend, Virgil van Dijk. The squad is as deep as they come, packing an impressive amount of young blood that’s cherishing every moment they spend on the pitch. At the moment, Liverpool is more than just a club, stealing Barcelona’s motto without even breaking a sweat.

When they play well, they look like the best soccer team ever, scoring goals at will and preventing the opposition from doing virtually anything. Even when Klopp’s men aren’t playing at their best, they’re still winning matches, be it with a bit more urgency.

Liverpool’s only defeat thus far came from an unlikely opponent – Napoli. Ancelotti’s men played against Klopp’s Liverpool twice in the group stage, defeating them on San Paolo and drawing on Anfield. If Diego Simeone wants to make an impression on Tuesday, he’ll have to phone the Italian managerial legend and ask for advice, because this Liverpool’s squad is looking outright unbeatable. Best of all, the odds on Liverpool are absolutely ridiculous, which is why I firmly believe our Atletico Madrid vs. Liverpool betting predictions hold immense value.

Atletico Madrid vs. Liverpool Preview

I expect Diego Simeone to stick with his defensive-minded philosophy coming into the most important match of his 2019/2020 season, even though it probably won’t work as well as planned. Undoubtedly, the clash against Liverpool will set a tone for Simeone’s entire season, and could even result in him stepping away from the managerial position after spending almost an entire decade there.

Klopp’s side is aiming for more than a single title this season, and it’s safe to say they’ve already won the Premier League.

Klopp’s Liverpool is heading into this match with full focus, with eyes already set on the second consecutive Champions League title. Their starting roster, squad depth, and tactical supremacy make them the best soccer team on the plan, at least for the moment. That does put a huge crosshair on their back… but knowing Simeone’s poor attacking record this season, I doubt his men will be able to hit it…

Atletico Madrid vs. Liverpool Betting Predictions

Time has come for us to unveil our Atletico Madrid vs. Liverpool betting predictions. As mentioned above, the odds on Liverpool to win this one are absolutely ridiculous. Yes, I know – Klopp’s men won’t seek a win at all costs. They’ll temper their aggression and try to soak in as much pressure as they can before swinging in for the winner.

But, I do expect them to grab it and take the lead in the first leg, then settling things down on Anfield. That’s the ideal scenario for Liverpool, one I believe they’ll reach!

That said, here are my Atletico Madrid vs. Liverpool betting predictions:

The Bets
Liverpool to win
Total Goals Under 1.5
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