Australia vs. Italy Pick – Women’s World Cup – June 9

The Women’s World Cup has already produced its fair share of drama and intrigue, and we are just two days into the competition! Yesterday we saw the Germans fall a goal short on the goal-line of -1.5, but there awaits a trio of juicy contests for us to pick from on Sunday, beginning in the early morning eastern time, with a powerful and upstart Australian side, taking on Italy in Group C action.

Though Italy is often known as a powerful soccer nation, that reputation has yet to translate to its female program. This is their first World Cup appearance since 1999, and though many see them as an improved side due to an impressive domestic league, the world’s 15th-ranked side still has a lot of work to do to catch up to the Aussies.

Their opponents are affinitively dubbed the ‘Matildas’ and look for Australia to look to open up their tournament by making a real bang. Though there has been some controversy within their camp in the past few months amongst their coaching staff, it seems like the drama has since been settled and Ante Milicic is firmly at the helm and keen to lead this talented array of players. Australia are quietly one of women’s soccer next powerhouses, and I wouldn’t rule out a very deep run at France 2019.

Keep reading on beneath the odds for a detailed match breakdown, as well as a tactical analysis and betting prediction for what should be a pretty telling match for how Group C will shake down.

Australia vs. Italy Betting Odds:

Australia (-141)
Italy (+300)
Draw (+250)

Over 2.5 (-150
Under 2.5 (+130)

Australia vs. Italy Pick:

Australia is a legitimate force at this tournament and despite the fact that many see the Italians as a surprise outfit and a group that has really improved in recent years, it will struggle to match the output of the Matildas.

The Aussies are poised with a patient and commanding midfield that should be able to bully the Italians both on the ground and through the air. Though their defense can be seen by some as a potential weakness, let’s remember that experts need to nitpick something or else they aren’t doing their jobs! The Australia backline is solid and unspectacular, but is good enough to stop opposing attacks and get the ball up quickly to their creative playmakers.

Where this game will be won for Australia will be up front. This group can score at will, and they’ll be led by arguably the sport’s top female player in Sam Kerr. The dynamic striker holds Golden Boots in both Australian and American domestic leagues, and she is surely aware that her skill and pace far outmatches anything that the Italians can trot out there.

Expect Australia to be excessively physical and set the tone all over key spots on the pitch. They’ll control the midfield, before exposing the Italian flanks en route to at least a few goals. Though the Italians have had a decent form of late entering this competition, they have yet to see a team with the current quality of Australia. Look for Sam Kerr and the Aussies to cruise to an opening match victory – and at a pretty short win price, the Matildas look like good Sunday value.

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