Brazil vs Argentina – Copa America Semifinals Betting Predictions

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July is here! That means we’re up for the business end of two thrilling international competitions, the Women’s World Cup and Copa America. The first semifinals matches of both event start in just a couple of hours. That’s just enough time to go through our Brazil vs Argentina betting predictions and tell you more about the teams coming into this semifinals fixture.

Let’s be real here, the quarterfinals matches were a huge disappointment. We’ve seen just two goals across all four matches, and they both came from the same match, Argentina vs Venezuela. The three remaining matches finished 0-0, and all three of them went onto the penalty drama. In the end, both crowd favorites lost (Colombia and Uruguay), with Brazil narrowly overcoming Paraguay in an electric, neck and neck contest.

In the end, the four semifinalists were decided – Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru. The first semifinals match is scheduled for today, 5.30 p.m. PT, and it’s already being dubbed as the most prestigious match of the event. Brazil vs Argentina, of course.

No worries, in-depth Brazil vs Argentina betting predictions are coming right after we go through the best betting platforms for placing Copa America bets!

Where to bet on Copa America Semifinals | Best Soccer Betting Sites

Copa America definitely belongs to the crème de la crème of international soccer competitions. It’s right up there with the greatest events, such as the World Cup, EURO, and Olympic Games. However, some people (mainly South Americans) even claim Copa America is the most prestigious tournament of them all. After all, it features some of the world’s best individuals playing for some of the highest-ranking nations on the world stage…

Considering all that, it comes as no surprise to see it heavily covered by various online soccer betting sites. And we’re not just talking about basic match-winner coverage here. The entire competition was properly covered by all major names in the online soccer betting sphere. We’re talking live betting, plenty of specials, and overall high betting odds, further upping the demand for Copa America betting.

If you still haven’t put a ring on a soccer bookie, make sure you check out our comprehensive soccer betting sites guide. If you’re a beginner, you’ll definitely find it handy. With a whole heap of criteria, a short list covering the biggest names, and complex explanations of soccer betting basics, it’s surely a must-read for people craving more knowledge.

Copa America Semifinals | Brazil vs Argentina Betting Predictions

This is the part where you’ll get to learn more about the two competing teams. I’ll guide you through their latest head to head matches, forms, and key aspects that could make or break their chances of going through to the finals. Yep, all that awaits in this Brazil vs Argentina betting predictions section.

So, without further ado, let’s jump straight to business!

Tough Luck on Home Soil

The electric Brazilian fans, people who live to play and watch football, want to see Brazil win a major event on their home soil. The last time they had a chance to do exactly that was the 2014 World Cup. And we all know how their story ended… The dreadful semifinals against Germany in Belo Horizonte’s Mineirão stadium which ended in a disheartening 7-1 defeat.

Five years later, Brazil is set to play another semifinals match in the same exact city. At the same exact stadium. This time around, their Copa America semifinals’ opponents will be Argentine, one of their wicked rivals, with an eternity of fierce rivalry behind them. It’s going to be a proper spectacle, no doubt about that, but Brazilian fans are already worried about another heartbreak. Especially after their lackluster performance against Paraguay.

Let me remind you, Brazil failed to score a goal against a compact Paraguayan defense, which resulted in a penalty shootout. Luckily, Brazil came out on top with four successful penalties. Truth be told, Brazil’s overall stats are still at a remarkable level. They scored eight and conceded zero goals, making them the most efficient team thus far. Their group stage wins against Peru (5-0) and Bolivia (3-0) portrayed the Brazil people want to see in the semifinals match.

Unfortunately, it seems as though this Brazil team has another side. A less efficient one, for that matter. Allow me to elaborate! Matches against Venezuela and Paraguay portrayed a totally different game approach. Brazil was creating chances, but their efficiency was nowhere to be found. If that happens against Argentina too, they really might suffer another heartbreak. And with Neymar injured, things could get pretty hectic for the Brazilians… especially if Lionel Messi finally shows up for the occasion!

Messi’s Absence Lives On…

The biggest problem with Argentina, the one that worries their fans the most, is the fact Lionel Messi is yet to show up. The 32-year old Barcelona striker, often dubbed as the GOAT, scored one goal thus far. And it was from the penalty spot, mind you. Even though his match to match performances weren’t bad according to typical standards, it’s still Lionel Messi we’re talking about here. We expect much greater things from him. Argentina does too…

Things started off slow for the Argentinians, losing 2-0 against Columbia in the initial group stage match. The second group stage match wasn’t much better. In the end, Messi’s penalty saw them remain in the competition with a 1-1 draw against Paraguay. Just like last year, in the World Cup, Argentina had to rely on the final match of the group stage to snatch a ticket for the playoffs. And, just like last year, they managed to do so. 2-0 against Qatar was enough to see them through the group stage.

Things started to look better for the Argentinians once the playoffs kicked off. Their quarterfinals match against Venezuela saw them perform much better. Truth be told, even though Dudamel’s Venezuela drew with Brazil in the group stage, it wasn’t that tough of an opponent for Argentina in the quarters. On the bright side, the Argentinians looked mighty, despite the fact the GOAT didn’t show up for the occasion once again.

Who to Bet on?

Here comes the fun part. The actual Brazil vs Argentina betting predictions. Obviously, soccer betting sites are favoring Brazil to win this one. After all, they seem like the best team in the competition and are playing on home soil. At the moment, BetWay has Brazil to win this match at -118. Not really worth anyone’s time, to be honest. -118 against Argentina seems like a crazy scenario, right?

Looking back at both teams’ group stage matches, Brazil is obviously the stronger side. However, the playoffs came with a twist, pushing Brazil into an uncomfortable penalty shootout which could’ve ended as a catastrophe. On the other hand, Argentina displayed a great quarterfinals match against Venezuela. Once again, Messi wasn’t playing that well, but in the end, his team got the W and that’s all that matters.

Coming into this semifinals match, Tito’s side ought to be fuming with confidence. After all, they only lost two matches throughout his stay as their head coach. Against Belgium at the World Cup in Russia, and against Argentina in Australia, roughly two years ago. Needless to say, Brazilian fans will be hoping the Melbourne night doesn’t repeat itself in Belo Horizonte. For that matter, they’ll be hoping that Belo Horizonte night from WC 2014 doesn’t repeat itself too. Perhaps the latter is a much bigger fear in the eyes of Brazilian fans.

Let’s get back to the topic at hand here, the actual Brazil vs Argentina betting predictions. For starters, I’d like to point out that I won’t be betting my money on Brazil here. It’s just too risky, and at -118, not really worth it. If your mind is already set for a simple match-winner(esque) bet, double chance on Argentina at -105 seems like a much more viable option.

Furthermore, if you’d like to invest in a bit of a riskier bet, perhaps Argentina to win and Lionel Messi to score at +475 is right up your alley. It’s a fine mixture of value and risk, just how I like ‘em! Despite the fact Lionel Messi isn’t playing very well under Argentinian colors, he might explode in the semifinals’ just like Thiago Silva predicted in the pre-match interview.

Lastly, both teams to score at +110 marks the final entry in my list of Brazil vs Argentina betting predictions. With both teams playing beautiful, attacking football, and with a heap of attacking talent on both ends, I can’t see either of these two teams fail to score at such a prestigious occasion.

The Bets
Double chance on Argentina
Argentina to win and Lionel Messi to score
Both teams to score

Teams to Advance

The second semifinals match features a fiery encounter between the title holders, Chile, and fierce challengers, Peru. The Peruvians narrowly got through to the playoffs, after drawing with Venezuela, winning against Bolivia and suffering a devastating defeat against Brazil in the third round. To put things into contrast, we’re talking about a team that played four matches thus far, only scoring on one occasion. Yep, their quarterfinals match against Uruguay ended 0-0 after extra time, and was decided on penalties, where the Peruvians had an extra bit of composure.

In the semifinals, instead of Uruguay, they’ll have to face off against the current title holders, Chile. Their quarterfinals match against Columbia is the perfect example of just how difficult they are to play against. Their back four was rock-solid throughout the contest, stopping Columbian attacks in a timely fashion. The Columbians managed to shoot at the goal just six times, only one of which was on target.

And we all know Columbia swept past the opposition in the group stage. Three clean wins with not a single conceded goal, and with five of them scored on the other end. As perfect as it gets. Despite all that, Chile eliminated them, be it without a single goal scored over the course of the entire 120 minutes.

All things considered, if I had to pick two teams I expect to see in the Copa America 2019 grand finals, I’d go with Argentina and Chile.

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