Burnley vs. Man United EPL Betting Predictions – January 12

The English Premier League couldn’t be more interesting right about now! At the moment, Manchester United and Liverpool are in a dead race for the top spot. The upcoming match against Burnley is United’s opportunity to get three points in front of Liverpool ahead of their head-to-head clash this Sunday. It’s going to be a classic encounter considering the current EPL standings, which makes our Burnley vs. United betting predictions that much more appealing.

This match brings forth a solid way to kick off our 2021 soccer betting adventure! The value is there too. United are the favorite team coming into this one, there’s no doubt about that, but Burnley ought to put up a proper fight. They’ll be playing on their home soil, the marvelous Turf Moor. Unfortunately for the hosts, the match will be played behind closed doors because of tier 3 lockdown measures. While that will work in United’s favor, it’s not something we’ll use to cement our Burnley vs. United betting predictions right away.

All Eyes on Next Sunday

Let’s face it, most Manchester United fans already count on their team to defeat Burnley and await their sworn enemies, Liverpool, with three points advantage. But this match is far from a formality! Burnley has been a solid contender this season. Not too long ago they’ve defeated Arsenal, mind you. Okay, sure, Arsenal’s form is non-existent at the moment, but still, Burnley had a wonderful outing, that has to be said.

Let’s focus on Ole’s squad for a second. Apart from the Van de Beek drama, the Norwegian strategist has been laying low and snatching key results over the last few weeks. United is in great form, despite getting eliminated from the Carabao Cup by Manchester City last week. It’s been a fine ride, that has to be said, but now Ole’s players are able to fully focus on the Premier League. Well, Europa League and FA Cup too, but I reckon they’ll have their priorities set up differently this time around.

Key Players

Bruno Fernandes is still enjoying his stuff out there. It seems as though he really is the type of midfielder Manchester United needed all along! With Bruno, Pogba, and McTominay in the central midfield, Manchester United’s possession and playmaking ability are second to none. Midfield domination will be a key area for United ahead of the Burnley clash… and I reckon they’ll ace it with flying marks.

We have to say a couple of words about Scott McTominay too. He’s turning into a proper player, isn’t he? He just handled his first captaincy last week, and has done so with style, if I may add. He’s as well-rounded as they come, and a real asset to have alongside the likes of Pogba and Fernanes in midfield. You got strength on the ball, you got the passing vision, and you got technical flair – what more do you need?

Tactical Approach

What about United’s tactical deployment? Well, Ole’s staying true to his 4-2-3-1 most of the time, pulling out other stuff only in extraordinary circumstances. I’m not quite sure he’ll prepare something special against Burnley. Heck, I’m convinced we’ll see United in their classic 4-2-3-1 with Rashford, Bruno, and James providing an attacking option behind Greenwood up front.

Remember, Pogba is out of the equation due to an injury, which could pave the way for the forgotten Dutchman… although we might see Ole resort to other scenarios instead.

Manchester United is still undefeated away from home, enjoying a splendid 6W and 1D streak. On the other hand, Burnley has scored just once in the last six PL home games against United. Seems as though everything’s pointing United’s way here. Are we going to wrap up our Burnley vs. United betting predictions right away?

Not so fast, let’s take a closer look at Burnley! Perhaps there’s something else we need to know about; something that’ll potentially lead to a more valuable wager. Now that we have taken a closer look at Ole and his Red Devils, let’s do the same for Burnley too!

Can Burnley Create an Upset?

Key Players

How would you rate Burnley’s defensive efforts thus far this season? I’d give them a solid C+, really. I mean, they’ve conceded twenty goals so far… but that’s not even that bad considering the fact United and Chelsea conceded 24 and 21 respectively. Leeds are on the 12th spot and they’ve conceded 33 goals thus far.

Considering all that, we have to point out the key defensive block in this Burnley roster. The 31-year-old Ben Mee has been a force to be reckoned with in Burnley’s defensive line. He’s played in nine matches, has even scored a goal, and snatched himself one man of the match award. Nick Pope has to be pointed out too; the talented 28-year-old English goalie has five MOTM awards to his name thus far. Fair game, I gotta say… though I don’t think his goalkeeping skills will keep United from breaking through on goal.

Burnley vs. United Betting Predictions

It’s time to wrap everything up, fellas! As you could’ve seen thus far, everything points to Manchester United. Ole’s lads have been nothing but superb away from home, and their Turf Moor expedition ought to end with three points in the bag.

With Liverpool on the chopping block next Sunday, we might see Ole’s men struggle to keep their feet on the ground tomorrow. Their minds must already be focused on what could be the turning point in their season; a top of the table clash with their fiercest rivals…

Even though Manchester United players will be fighting battles in their heads, they ought to be able to win the one on the pitch. I expect a tough match for Dyche’s men against a team that has won eight of their last ten EPL matches. In fact, I’m pretty sure we’re going to see United score more than once tomorrow…

The Bet
United To Win & Under 3.5

But, I don’t think we’ll see more than two or three goals here… and at +125 – under 3.5 and United to win seems pretty solid. That’s what I’m going with here, that’s what I advise you to consider too. If you want a riskier approach, you can opt for United to win and under 2.5 goals at +275. That one could end in a hefty return.

Well, I guess that’d be all for today folks!

Hopefully United doesn’t fail to deliver…

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