Chelsea vs. Man City Betting Options | 2021/22 Premier League Betting Picks and Predictions

Chelsea vs. Man City is going to be a real classy encounter! Tuchel’s side on one end, Pep’s Man City machinery on the other.

It’s a well-known fact that Pep Guardiola is Tuchel’s idol.

He’s defeated him in the Champions League finals earlier this year – can he repeat it once again tomorrow? Well, that’s what our Chelsea vs. Man City picks are here to find out!

The stage at Stamford Bridge is perfectly set up for a spectacle! The London blues’ fans will come in massive numbers, no doubt about it. The atmosphere is going to heavily pull in Chelsea’s side, which will definitely affect our Chelsea vs. Man City predictions.

But, there’s a lot of work ahead of us! Let’s check out the odds before moving further into the analysis!

Chelsea vs. Man City Betting Odds

Obviously, nothing separates these two sides. It’s going to be an even contest, hopefully packed with football extravaganza and a whole heap of excitement. If you want concrete odds, here’s what you can expect:

Chelsea to Win:
Arsenal to Win:

Chelsea Betting Preview

Chelsea are currently at the top of the Premier League! They are in front of Manchester United on goal difference, and look to be in splendid form coming into this one! Man City, despite their opening-round setback a la Spurs, look good too.

This is going to be one of those Goliath vs Goliath clashes, with both sides belonging to the upper echelon of the ePL. Overall, though, Chelsea looks like a more complete team than Pep’s City. Tuchel has a much deeper roster, which could be of crucial importance when matches are as congested as they’ve recently been.

Plus, Chelsea has several world-class options in the attack. City has issues in that segment, having failed to sign a proper striker over this summer’s transfer window.

Please Note:
Kovačić and Kante are in brilliant form, and they’re definitely going to be controlling the tempo this weekend. Lukaku… words can’t describe him, really. He’s at the top of his game, fitting right into Tuchel’s aggressive game style and scoring goals left and right.

In my eyes, Chelsea are the definitive favorites here. But, before concluding our Chelsea vs. Man City predictions, we have to inspect the other side of the pitch too.

Man City Betting Preview

Even though Manchester City are generally in decent form, their goalless draw with Southampton at the Etihad has dropped a nasty stain on their track record. True, Spurs were the first obstacle Pep stumbled upon this season, but dropping points against Southampton came as a total surprise.

Unfortunately, I can’t really say it wasn’t expected.

Sure, perhaps not this early in the season, but City was always going to struggle in the attacking end because they lack proper depth in that segment of the game.

They will have to splash out some money in January if they are to remain competitive in both Premier and Champions League. They are, without a doubt, in desperate need of a striker. Will that affect their chances against Chelsea? Well, they’re coming into this one following a goalless draw, which will put some pressure on their shoulders.

Plus, playing away at Stamford Bridge is never easy. It will be a real test to their tenacity and morale, especially if Tuchel’s men take an early lead.

Chelsea vs. Man City Betting Pick

There’s one more thing we need to emphasize before rounding this one off. You see, both City and Chelsea are playing their Carabao Cup matches this week. While both sides are expected to mix things up roster-wise, several key players ought to be left in the starting lineups.

Chelsea vs. Man City Betting Pick:
Chelsea to Win!

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A simple moneyline on Chelsea should do the trick here.

They’re playing at home:
They’re in fine form, and the student is going to give another lesson to his teacher. I expect Tuchel’s Chelsea to beat Pep’s City and establish themselves as the Premier League front runners!

If you’re feeling lucky, you can go with Lukaku to score and Chelsea to win. The odds are much higher than the moneyline, but extra risk is involved too. Choose your poison, I guess…


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