Chelsea vs. Real Madrid UEFA Champions League Betting Predictions and Match Analysis

Chelsea Vs Real Madrid

The 20/21 Champions League finals are just around the corner! We just have one more match to go, and boy is it going to be a special one! Chelsea and Real Madrid are the teams, second leg semifinal is the occasion; a trip to Istanbul is the grand prize!

Who is going to play against Pep’s City in the grand finals?

Well, all that and more can be found in the rest of our Chelsea vs. Real Madrid betting predictions!

1st Leg Recap

What happened in game one? Wich of the two sides can be more grateful for the 1-1 draw in the end? Well, it’s difficult to say. Chelsea had a great start. They were absolutely blasting through Madrid’s shaky defense in the first twenty minutes, crowning their aggression with a 14th-minute goal by Pulisic. Both sides had several good goalscoring opportunities, but Benzema’s superb goal in the 29th minute sealed the deal for the first half.

After the break, Zidane’s pep-talk resulted in a sturdier defensive line.

There weren’t any gaps left for Chelsea’s attackers to exploit… though they did create several promising opportunities before the final whistle. The same can be said about Real Madrid too, though I reckon they can be happy for a 1-1 home draw considering the way they entered the match.

But, coming into the second leg, it’s still a wide-open contest… perfectly poised for soccer betting enthusiasts! Chelsea will have some sort of a home ground advantage, but if they concede a goal, all hell is bound to break loose.

However, we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves here!

Let’s move on with our Chelsea vs. Real Madrid betting predictions and see if there’s anything worth our while!

Zidane’s Real Chasing Titles

Real Madrid is currently in second place on La Liga standings. Simeone’s Atletico is still leading the show with just two points advantage following the loss to Ath. Bilbao.

But, both Real and Barcelona are in touching distance; two points behind with four more matches to go… and with Barcelona facing off against Atletico this weekend.

Back to Real, they could be in pole position should Barca and Atletico settle with a point each. Even though Zidane had shaky periods this season, he’s still in touching distance of two titles. With five/six matches left in the season, that’s quite the feat one manager can accomplish.

Don’t you agree?

But, we’ve seen how shaky his defensive line was in the first leg. If it happens again, and it very easily could considering it’s an away match (and it’s Chelsea on the other end), it could be the end of Zidane’s double-whammy aspirations.

Karim Benzema’s goal in the first leg could prove to be crucial.

The 33-year-old Frenchmen continues to be Madrid’s talisman. Benzema, Modric, and Kroos have been absolutely amazing in terms of dictating Madrid’s offensive plays. Casemiro was doing the same on the defensive end, though he’ll definitely need more help from the men behind him… especially if Real Madrid goes through to the grand finals against City.

Can Chelsea Finish Third in the ePL?

Tuchel’s Chelsea doesn’t have to worry about their domestic league… at least not as much as Real Madrid. They are currently in the fourth spot, with West Ham in fifth trailing three points. Third place is just two points away though, and Chelsea are set to play against the direct competitor, Leicester. The thing is, Chelsea also has to play against City and Arsenal too. Come to think of it, Chelsea should worry about their domestic league since they could miss out on CL next season.

But, that all comes after their clash vs. Real Madrid tomorrow. That’s going to be the match Tuchel’s men will focus on… especially since they haven’t played in the grand finals since winning the title back in the 11/12 season. This ought to be a great motivator coming into this one!

N’Golo Kante had another brilliant display in the first leg. He was crowned as the match MVP and, even though he had shaky performances this season, proved to be of vital importance for keeping Chelsea’s defensive formation in line.

Chelsea vs. Real Madrid Betting Predictions

Now would be the time to wrap this piece up and call it a day, right? Yessir, you’re right! What have we learned thus far from our Chelsea vs. Real Madrid predictions and analysis? Well, we’ve learned that both teams will fancy their chances, that’s for sure!

The first leg finished 1-1 so it’s going to be a tight contest right until the final whistle! If Real Madrid’s defensive four have another terrible half, I wouldn’t be surprised if Chelsea’s attacking prowess results in another fast goal.

Please Note:
I do think the experience coming from Modrić, Casemiro, and Benzema will prevail in the end. But, I don’t have anything to back that claim up, which is why I’m not betting my money on them to go through. What I will be betting my money on is both teams to score.

Combine Madrid’s shaky defensive moments with the sheer brilliance and experience they have in midfield and attack… The only way this bet doesn’t go through is if Chelsea set up a defensive bunker in hope to kill the match off and go through with 0-0. But, I doubt Real Madrid will fall for that one. They have one of the best rosters in the game and should be able to push through Chelsea’s defense… be it again through one man’s goalscoring trickery.


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