Croatia vs. Czech Republic UEFA EURO 2020 Betting Predictions and Match Analysis

This is the most interesting matchup of the day, no doubt about it!

Croatia are going up against Czech Republic in a match they mustn’t lose!

Heck, even if they draw, they’re going to be depending on England doing them a favor in the third round… and we all know there’s plenty of bad blood between Vatreni and the Three Lions.

  • So, what about Croatia vs. Czech Republic betting?
  • It’s definitely an interesting clash, but what sort of differentiating factors will you find in this piece?

Well, we’ll be going down the usual route – a bit about Croatia, a bit about Czech… and now that the first round of matches is gone.

We can talk about both teams’ openers too!

In the end, we’re going to wrap everything up with concrete Croatia vs. Czech Republic picks. After all, soccer betting is what we’re all here for, so why don’t we jump right into the action!

UEFA EURO 2020 Betting Predictions

Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands have already qualified to the round of sixteen. With two wins each, they now await the rest of the group stage as group winners (though theoretical chances do exist), but with just one round of matches behind us, group D is still wide open!

Historically, Croatia is a much better situated team than Czech Republic. I’m sure you all remember Russia 2018 World Cup when Croatia finished as the runners-up. Unfortunately for all of their fiery fans, the Croatian national team is going through a generational change. Only five players that had played 2018 WC semifinals vs. England were in the team for their EURO 2020 opener as well.

The Czech Republic, on the other hand, are far away from the glory days of Nedved, Koller, Čech, and Rosicky.

Czech had some world-class players in the past, but their current team just doesn’t have that dominant star to serve as the catalyst. However, the likes of Tomaš Souček and Patrik Schick are getting there, slowly but surely. Their opening-round win was a slight upset, but it begs the question – can they wrap their collective heads around another one?

Something to Keep in Mind

As stated earlier, Croatia needs to win here! If they lose, Czech Republic will practically have the knockout stage in the bag. It depends on how England squares off against Scotland, but if there are no massive surprises, England and Czech Republic will be all settled ahead of the final group stage round.

However, knowing that 4 of 6 third-place teams will get a taste of the playoffs, even if Croatia loses against Czech Rep. tomorrow, they’ll still have a shot at the final sixteen by defeating Scotland. But, we’ve gone way past our Croatia vs. Czech Republic predictions here and went into the speculation waters.

Let’s track back a bit, focus on the match at hand, and see if the 2018 World Cup runners-up have what it takes to earn their first three points on UEFA EURO 2020!

Croatia Betting Preview

Let’s be real here – Croatia played poorly against England. They didn’t have a single proper goalscoring opportunity, and only a handful of less promising ones. While they were able to control the game for the most part, and that’s mainly thanks to Modrić’s individual brilliance, they just didn’t do anything concrete with it. They were just passing it around like it was a hot potato, with no real eagerness to try and break up England’s lines.

And that was surprising, to say the least:
Knowing Croatia is typically the more aggressive and attack-minded team on the pitch. Usually, Dalić’s men provoke defensive runs from the opposition, following it up with a punishment in the form of a pitch-perfect pass/cross by the likes of Modrić and Rakitić.

In these scenarios, Mandžukić is the center of attention in the attacking third, and his goalscoring prowess is never an issue. But, the problem is, Rakitić and Mandžukić have retired from the Croatian national team following their 2018 WC success. Seeing as they were pivotal to Croatia’s chance-creation, it’s no wonder Dalić’s men are struggling in that department.

Croatia Betting Preview

But, we did see some glimpses of brilliance against England… and I’m not even referring to Modrić’s midfield excellent. I’m mainly talking about Kovačić’s runs down the middle, and Vrsaljko’s attack-minded determination and defensive interceptions/tackling.

Brekalo came in off the bench and breathed in a dash of fresh air to Croatia’s chance-creation.

However, it just wasn’t enough. England have won their first EURO opener ever, and Croatia lost their first EURO opener ever… what a record-breaking match that was, huh?


Croatia vs. Czech Republic is basically to be or not to be for Vatreni.

As Mentioned Earlier:
Dalić’s men have to play for all three points here. Despite losing the opener, Croatia are still the favorites coming into this one! The Czech Republic played well against Scotland, no doubt about that, but if Croatia can just play the same as they did against England, but with a bit of more aggression in the final third, it’s going to be their game.
That said, Dalić will force aggression in attack, that’s for sure!

Rebić might be moved back to a more natural position, and Petković should start from the first minute. Croatia need a target man upfront, and Petković will have to step up for the occasion, if Croatia is to beat Czech Republic and stay in the mix for the ro16!

Czech Republic Betting Preview

Not a lot is known about this Czech Republic team! Their 2022 Qatar WC Qualifiers are going according to plans. Four points in three matches is just enough for them to be in the second spot, right behind Belgium. They finished second on EURO 2020 Qualifiers too.

Please Note:
They were in group A with England, and did pretty well – 15 points in eight matches. However, as stated earlier, this Czech Republic team doesn’t have a dominant start like they had in previous competitions.

However, they showed plenty of team cohesion in their opener against Scotland. McTominay and the Scots weren’t really for what the Czech had in store for them. That Schick’s goal was just the icing on what was already a heavily Czech-dominated game.

Czech Republic Betting Preview

If they can assert such dominance against Croatia tomorrow, they might snatch a spot in the ro16 and push Croatia to fight for dear life against Scotland. But, that will be easier said than done. While I’m not trying to belittle McTominay-led midfield a la Scotland, Croatia’s players are on a whole different level.

Modrić and Kovačić are not to be taken for granted, especially if Brozović starts avoiding risky passes through the backline. In other words, Czech will have a much more difficult job with Croatia than they had with Scotland.


Expectations for Czech Republic, generally speaking, haven’t changed one bit. They planned on defeating Scotland in the opener all along; that wasn’t the match they had been worried about.

It’s Croatia and England that Czech Rep. was afraid of all this time.

Opening-round win won’t mean squat should they lose to Croatia tomorrow. If that happens, they’ll have to go all-in against England in the final fixture… and that’s going to be an uphill struggle through and through.

Croatia vs. Czech Republic Betting Predictions

Croatia are in a tight spot coming into this one, with victory being imperative. But, despite recent setbacks, they are still the heavy favorites. Luka Modrić is going to be the catalyst for their victory and, with three points in the bag, Croatia will begin to prepare for the decisive clash with Scotland… unless The Three Lions do them a favor, that is.

Croatia vs. Czech Republic Picks
Croatia to Win!

There you have it, lads! Croatia needs to win this match, and I reckon they will! They are known as the team that excels in high-priority matches, and their clash against Czech Rep. is the very definition of that.

Fingers crossed Modrić and the co. will show up with their A-game tomorrow!

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