Deportivo Ocotal vs. Real Esteli Pick – Nicaragua Liga Primera March 25, 2020

Down goes another international football league. As soon as we were going to get into the Myanmar National League, they folded up shop, and went home after the first cases of COVID-19 were announced in Myanmar. Each league’s re-start date will depend on how quickly the virus is eradicated from their borders. There will have to be some lag between the day new cases slow down considerably and play resumes.

If a country returns to normal too quickly, the infection could re-emerge quickly again. Measures will have to be lifted gradually. I’m not an epidemiologist by any means, but some common sense has to be used in times like this. I can confidently say that the doomsday fans are going to be disappointed, though.

Nicaragua currently has two confirmed cases of COVID-19 according to their government. That has provided the top flight league in Nicaragua, the Nicaragua Liga Primera to continue with their schedule. It’s a small country on the football map in Central America, but their games still draw a crowd. There are some good players in the league, too.

Several of them have played at US colleges and in bigger football leagues around the world. Nicaragua is currently ranked 151st in FIFA rankings, which puts them ahead of Libera and behind Afghanistan. Let’s just be thankful that we have some football left to wager on.

Along with the Nicaragua Liga Primera, the Belarusian Premier League continues to plough ahead. Their president, Alexander Lukashenko, says that “tractor therapy” is the best cure for the coronavirus, so don’t expect Belarus to stop playing football soon. Their schedule is expected to continue this weekend. There are also some friendlies in Sweden available for wagering. It’s not completely empty, but it’s getting there.

Hopefully we can examine the Nicaragua Liga Primera for more than one game like what happened in Myanmar. Nicaragua is in the same time zone as North America, so this is a league you can actually bet on at a reasonable time of the day as well. That’s a major bonus. Our featured match on Wednesday between Deportivo Ocotal and Real Esteli will be a 9:00 p.m. EST start. Head below for our free Deportivo Ocotal vs. Real Esteli pick.

Deportivo Ocotal vs. Real Esteli Betting Odds:


  • Deportivo Ocotal +0.5, +1 (-110)
  • Real Esteli -0.5, -1 (-110)

  • Deportivo Ocotal (+265)
  • Real Esteli (-147)
Total Points:

  • Over 2, 2.5 (-112)
  • Under 2, 2.5 (-108)


Deportivo Ocotal vs. Real Esteli Prediction:

The Nicaragua Liga Primera is already into Matchday 11 of 18, so they’re just over the halfway point. Hopefully there won’t be any disruptions and they can complete their regular season and finals without any problems. It’s highly unlikely that you are going to find Deportivo Ocotal in the playoffs. There is still time for them to overcome a sloppy first-half, but going to run out of room. They haven’t showcased much reason to be confident in them, either. It’s been a struggle for Ocotal, as they’ve had problems finding consistency.

Deportivo Ocotal are going into Wednesday with a record of 2-3-5 and 9 points. That puts them 14 points behind the leader, Diriangen. The only team who’ve been worse than Deportivo Ocotal this season has been Real Madridz and Las Sabanas. Nope, that isn’t Real Madrid, it’s Real Madridz. There’s also Juventus Managua in the Primera Division.

Real Madriz and Juventus aren’t fooling anyone. Neither are particularly good teams, either, so no it’s not Real Madrid or Juventus FC in Italy. In any event, Deportivo Ocotal has had serious issues trying to score. They have scored just 6 goals in ten games. Las Sabanas and Deportivo Ocotal are the only two teams in the league who have scored only 6 goals.

Deportivo Ocotal has a goal differential of -7. They’ve averaged just 0.86 goals per match, and have allowed 1.39 goals a match. Their defensive effort hasn’t been that poor, but the offence will have to find a way to get their playmakers doing something. In their previous six matches, Deportivo Ocotal has managed to score only 3 goals for an average of 0.5 goals per match.

Real Esteli enters Matchday 11 with a record of 6-2-2. This is a big time match for them, as they trail Diriangen by 3 points. They hold a goal differential of +14 with 20 goals scored and just 6 allowed. Their 20 goals is good for 1st in the league and 2nd in goals conceded. Diriangen is the only defence that has performed better than Real Esteli this season. As long as Real Esteli cares on Wednesday, they should be able to earn some big points in this one.


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