England vs Sweden Pick for June 15th Match

In Friday’s Group D game 2, England will take on Sweden in a very important match. This game is so crucial for both teams because England only managed 1 point in the first game and Sweden was surprised by Ukraine in their opening match as they lost 2-1. The group is clearly still undecided but if these teams do not act proactively soon they will see themselves in a hole that may not be so easy to dig themselves out of. English fans are getting fed up with the lack of success on an international level and their 1-1 draw with France in their opening match only added to their fan’s frustration.

Sweden was happy to see that Zlatan Ibrahimovic was able to get on the scoresheet in game one, but his one goal was not enough as another veteran made his efforts look futile. In this next game they will find themselves facing a tougher opponent than Ukraine and will have to gear up for a highly contested match. The one good thing that Sweden can take away from this match is that they did get the opening goal, and opening goals can mean a lot for a team. This tournament is a good time for Ibrahimovic to prove all his critics wrong and reestablish himself as one of the premier attackers in the world. We will also have to see a better game from Andreas Isaksson in net because he was really a non-factor in the first match. Sweden is going to have a hard time defending against England’s young strikers but only time can tell what will happen on Friday.

England is coming off a 1-1 draw with France and while their fans are upset with that kind of result, it is better than it could have been. Now England, and the rest of the group besides Ukraine, are going to be fighting for every inch as the next two games take place. Luckily for the English, they got their hardest match out of the way to begin with. Sweden is a bit of an easier opponent than France, but you also have to keep in mind that Sweden is coming off a loss and will not exactly be pushovers in this match. England scored 1 goal on only 3 shots while their French opponents managed 19. Clearly they were outplayed but still managed to get a result, like any good team does. We will just have to see if that luck/success will carry over into their match against Sweden. seems to think that England has a good shot at winning this match as they are sitting at +105 on the moneyline. Sweden is a bit of an underdog as they are at +260 on the moneyline. A draw is a possibility and is at +235 currently.

I think that England is going to get the result in the form of a victory tomorrow. The English are simply facing too much pressure from fans and if they do not succeed you can expect a sizeable backlash. It seems like forever since England has performed on an international level, and it is about time they regain their position of dominance in both Europe and the world. Look for a 2-1 3-1 English result.

Pick: ENGLAND TO WIN (+105)