Liverpool vs. Everton English Premier League Betting Predictions and Match Analysis

Let’s face it, guys – Liverpool is out of the title race. They’ve strung together more than a few nasty performances which dealt significant blows not just to their title race but their race to one of four spots leading to the Champions League next season. Yep, that’s right – Liverpool is chasing Champions League… and our Liverpool vs. Everton betting predictions are here to see if they’re going to have any success in that chase!

What about Everton? Well, Ancelotti’s boys still have one clear goal – qualify for a European contest next season. Be it Europa League or Champions League, it doesn’t really matter… as long as they get some proper weekday action going on at the Goodison Park.

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Liverpool vs. Everton Betting Predictions

What’s a good starting point for this piece? Well, how about this – Liverpool and Everton were at the top of the rankings early on in the season. Both sides looked impressive, played top-notch soccer, and were considered as secure top-four material.

Fast-forward to today and things couldn’t be more difficult for both sides. The Merseyside Premier League division is going through tough times. The Reds have been desecrated by injuries and unlucky finishes; the Blues just can’t find their pace and consistency out there.

Nowadays, both teams are out of the top-four discussion, though Klopp’s men are still eyeing the opportunity to inch closer to Chelsea and Leicester. They’re just two points below Chelsea with plenty of matchdays to come – it’s not mission impossible!

Liverpool’s Struggle is Real

However, Liverpool’s form is far from being good! Far from being solid, too! They’ve lost three of their last Premier League matches. They’re still kicking high in the Champions League, but Premier League fixtures seem like a lost cause at this point. Can they make it right against Everton?

Obviously, Liverpool’s injury issues are the prime reasons why Klopp’s men are out of the title discussions. Liverpool has lost its entire backline, including the man, the myth, the legend, Virgil van Dijk, among many others.

The remaining players are giving their 120%, which I can say with certainty. Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah have been nothing but superb this season, with Firmino following right behind them. Thiago has to be pointed out too – he’s been a force to be reckoned with in the defensive portions of Klopp’s midfield. As such, I’m sure his importance will be even greater next season… once Klopp gets his back-four back up and running.

Here’s a little fun fact:
Liverpool haven’t lost a single match in twenty-three head-to-head contests against Everton. They have eleven wins and twelve draws, marking the longest unbeaten run against a single team in the team’s history.

Everton Not Looking Good Either

Everton had a marvelous start to this season. Everyone had praised Carlo Ancelotti and his tactical supremacy until things started to go downhill a few matchdays into the season. At the moment, Everton’s form is not much better than Liverpool’s.

They got just four points in the last five matches.

On the bright side, they are fairly good away from home – 7-2-2 – four wins and a draw (against ManU) in their last five away games. Even though Liverpool is still the second-best team in home fixtures this season, their current form at home leaves much to be desired. Just two points in the last five Anfield-bound matches.

Everton definitely has a chance to do something special tomorrow!

Dominic Calvert-Lewin is still Everton’s most important player. The 23-year-old forward has scored thirteen matches thus far, averaging 7.37 rating according to whoscored. James Rodriguez has to be pointed out too. The prolific Columbian midfielder has made Goodison Park his new home. He’s been the pivotal player in Ancelotti’s Everton and has finally retrieved his long-lost form. If Everton is to snatch one of the spots leading to Europe next year, the Columbian midfield maestro will be the player to thank, that’s for sure!

The Battle for United’s Spot

These last few years, fans on both ends of Merseyside joked around with United always being on the sixth place. What about Liverpool vs. Everton betting predictions, though? Well, they revolve around sixth place. Liverpool has it at the moment, but Everton are just three points below.

There’s no way Everton can snatch it even if they win this match because Liverpool’s goal ratio far exceeds theirs.

Even though they can’t go up the rankings, Merseyside Blue boys will come into this one with guns blazing on all fronts. They’re three matchdays without a PL win, just like Liverpool… and though they’re going to be in an uphill struggle for the most part, they seem to be confident in their ability to go up in front and close it out.

Wrapping Everything Up

Unfortunately, I don’t think Ancelotti’s men will come out of this one with three points, even though some statistical indicators are pointing in that direction. Anfield hasn’t exactly been Liverpool’s defensive fortress this year, but that doesn’t mean they’ll perform poorly against their closest rivals. In fact, I reckon they’ll give 120% of themselves; after all, it’s a splendid occasion.

Please Note:
Though, Ancelotti’s away record is pretty good. They drew against United, won against Leeds, and outclassed Wolverhampton, all in away legs. Liverpool is a tough team to play against, that’s for sure, but I don’t think Ancelotti’s men will embarrass themselves.

What about concrete Liverpool vs. Everton betting predictions? Well, I believe both teams to score a goal at -130 sounds like the most reasonable bet out of the bunch. If that’s too low for your taste (value-wise), you can always go with riskier stuff. For this particular match, considering all circumstances, draw at +350 looks superb.

Liverpool vs. Everton Betting Predictions
Both Teams to Score!

Whatever the end result might be, I’m sure we’re in for a true Premier League classic, courtesy of Merseyside, of course!

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