Manchester United vs. Liverpool Premier Betting Predictions and Match Analysis

How would you rate the current Premier League season so far? For me, it was pretty good. I mean, it couldn’t have really been much better considering COVID restrictions and all that. Competitiveness-wise, we’re looking at a rather compact top bunch with Manchester United on the first place.

The Red Devils are in great form and will be hoping to get something out of their away fixture against Liverpool.

Our United vs. Liverpool betting predictions will try to assess just what sort of a match we can expect this Sunday. Join us as we take a closer look at both teams ahead of this thrilling ePL derby!

Betting on Premier League in 2021

Betting on Premier League in 2021 ought to be tricky. Most stadium are not allowed to have an audience; those that do have such privileges are limited to just 2,000 fans. I never thought I’d say this, but those 2,000 fans definitely do matter in these types of scenarios.

The presence (or lack thereof) of electric fans can easily make or break matches.

That’s what home turf advantage is all about, and it’s all gone now thanks to COVID restrictions. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we shouldn’t have restrictions, all I’m saying is soccer (and betting on soccer) is suffering because of it.

Best Online Bookmakers for Betting on Premier League

Which betting platform should you use for betting on Premier League matches this season? A bunch of names come to mind right off the bat, but it would be irresponsible to start naming them left and right. Instead, allow us to point you in the right direction – this in-depth guide on online bookmakers is everything you need to get things going. You’re welcome!

United vs. Liverpool Betting Predictions

Before we start digging around, I have to express my sadness here. Why am I sad when there’s a proper Premier League festival just around the corner? Well, I’m sad because there won’t be any fans on the mesmerizing Anfield stands.

Yup, tier 3 lockdown has struck Liverpool late last year because of a large spike in COVID cases which means the derby must be played behind closed doors.

This will affect the gameplay a bit, that’s for sure. Some of us still haven’t gotten used to seeing empty stands on soccer matches… but hey, hopefully it’ll all be over soon and we’ll see the return of the crowds next season.

United Leading the Charge

Back to the main subject – United vs. Liverpool betting predictions! The Red Devils are coming into this match as the underdogs, despite being above Liverpool on the ePL table.

Why is that so?

Well, even though VVD and several other important Merseyside players are out of the equation, Liverpool is still a force to be reckoned with and they’re proving their worth week in and week out. Manchester United, on the other hand, are getting decent results but still lack the flair and the magic touch of Klopp’s side.

Manchester United Leading the Charge

As stated earlier, Manchester United is at the top of the Premier League. The last time they were up there past New Year’s Eve was a long time ago; eight years ago, to be more precise. They did win the season back then, which might be a warning sign for other Premier League teams.

At the moment, Manchester United is in fine form. They haven’t lost a single ePL match in their last eleven outings. Their last defeat dates all the way back to November 1st when they lost against Arsenal. United’s away form has been absolutely brutal and has to be emphasized here. They’ve won seven and drew one match thus far, scoring 22 and conceding 11. However, Liverpool’s Anfield fortress is not to be taken for granted. They have the same number of points as United in away fixtures, with superior goal stats.

All in all, this is going to be a tight contest, as you’d expect from a match of this caliber. Both teams will want the full prey here, though I’m sure Ole wouldn’t mind getting a draw out of this one…

Key Players

Who’s been the best United player thus far this season? Without a doubt, that flattering title goes to one and only Bruno Fernandes. Ever since his arrival, Manchester United have been on a whole new level. One thing is certain if it wasn’t for the Portuguese maestro, there’s no way we’d see United at the top of the Premier League table… not even near the top, to be more precise.

Of course, the Portuguese midfield star can’t do everything on his own. The likes of Rashford, Martial and Pogba were definitely a massive help on the attacking end of the story. As for the defensive roles, Aaron Wan-Bissaka is developing into a world-class defender with a good attacking IQ near the touchline. Alex Telles and Maguire have to be mentioned too; both are consistent in their defensive efforts, though the English star is known for having a week spell every now and then.

Liverpool Right Behind

Even though Liverpool lost to Southampton in their last ePL fixture, they’re not to be taken for granted against Manchester United. Not only are they in desperate need of three points after falling behind their sworn rivals, but they’re also playing on Anfield which always adds an extra boost to their overall performance.

Unfortunately for Klopp, Liverpool can’t count on the likes of Gomez, Jota, Keita and Matic. As you probably know, VVD is out for the entire season too, which adds insult to an already injured Liverpool back four.

Key Players

Still, we have to give credit where credit is due and Liverpool’s defensive ruins seem to be holding their ground quite well. Thus far, they’ve conceded fewer goals than Manchester United, though they are nowhere near the level of Manchester City’s rock-solid defensive stats.

Andrew Robertson, Jordan Henderson, TAA, and Fabinho have to be pointed out for their defensive consistency too. They did have minor issues in certain matches but deserve a passing grade for tenacity and defensive-minded plays.

Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah are still untouchable as far as consistency and overall contribution are concerned. The prolific Merseyside forwards have five assists and nineteen goals combined, with the Egyptian magician enjoying thirteen goals to his tally.

Wrapping Things Up

I guess it’s time to wrap up our United vs. Liverpool betting predictions! We’ve gone through a bunch of stuff thus far and it’s about time to give some concrete picks! After all, you came here looking for soccer betting tips and we sure as heck are going to provide!

Please Note:
Obviously, the tensions are sky-high ahead of this one – we’re talking about the biggest English derby, come to think of it – one of the most important matchups this season. Considering the forms of both teams, as well as their current positions on the table, anything but a tightly contested match would be a massive surprise. That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if both Klopp and Ole succumb to the pressure and start calculating before the first whistle. If they do, we might see a bleak display that ought to end up in a draw. Liverpool is the favorite coming into this one, but quite frankly, it could go either way.

In the end, I feel most confident with a good old draw. No matter how these two teams approach the fixture. No matter if they go all in or time their runs, I reckon a draw is practically inevitable…

United vs. Liverpool Prediction

Some soccer bookmakers offer an interesting wager for this one – will there be a penalty. There’s plenty of drama revolving around penalties for both teams, further fueling a fun little wager here. I’m not saying you should invest your money here; all I’m saying is that it seems a lot of fun!

With those words, we’ve brought our United vs. Liverpool betting to the finish line. Hope we get a fine draw on Sunday; hope it’s a damn fine match with brilliant displays on both ends.

Thanks for reading the whole thing, guys!

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