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With thirteen points above second-placed Leicester and a match to play, there’s no way Liverpool will fail to win the Premier League this season. I know, I know, they had a similar advantage last year too and they gambled it away in the last few matchdays, ending up a point short of the title.

However, Pep’s City is nowhere near last year’s strength. Sure, they’ve been playing pretty good in the recent month or so, winning four of out five Premier League matches, but they’re still at the third place, one point below Leicester.

Spurs, on the other hand, are still shellshocked after Poch’s departure. Mourinho is doing his best to fill in the gap, but plagued by notable injuries and lack of form, his Tottenham is currently sitting at the sixth position with just 30 points to their tally.

With all that in mind, Saturday’s match between Spurs and Liverpool means a lot more to Mourinho than to Klopp. Sure, the German strategist will want his near-perfect Premier League record to live on, but as far as match importance goes, Mourinho is in a tough spot.

As the title suggests, today we’ll be showing off our facts-driven Spurs vs. Liverpool betting predictions. Soccer betting is popular all across the world, and if you’re interested in betting on Premier League matches this weekend, then this match ought to be on the top of your priorities list.

It’s going to be a tough one, no doubt about that, so let’s roll up our sleeves and see how these two teams square up against each other!

Can Mourinho Achieve the Impossible?

Mourinho’s Spurs endeavor started with a blast. 3-2 win against West Ham, 4-2 Champions League comeback against Olympiakos, and a rough 3-2 win against Bournemouth. Three from three, a great start for the Portuguese strategist.

However, things went downhill. First up, a loss against his former side Manchester United, which was a particularly sad day for Spurs’ fans. Yep, five past Burnley was an indication of better things to come, but it was far from so.

Bayern dissected Mourinho’s spurs in the Champions League, Chelsea did the same, just like Southampton. Combine that with draws against Middlesbrough and Norwich, and you’ll understand Mourinho’s last month or so hasn’t been that good.

In my books, the question isn’t about whether or not Mourinho can defeat Klopp on Saturday. It’s more about whether or not Mourinho can scavenge a point against Klopp’s goalscoring machine. Yep, this goes to show you what the final Spurs vs. Liverpool betting predictions will look like.

Key Players

Mourinho at Spurs

It’s no secret Spurs’ biggest star is the 26-year-old Harry Kane. England’s striker has already scored eleven goals in the Premier League, and will be hoping for more by the end of the season. However, he picked up an injury and won’t be able to play on Saturday. And he’s not the only one – long-term absentees list includes Hugo Lloris, Ben Davies and Moussa Sissoko. Alongside them, Tanguy Ndombele and Harry Winks are also in question. Needless to say, their absence would make Mourinho’s midfield lineup that much thinner ahead of a crucial matchday in his fight for the top four finish.

As far as key players, those that will play on Saturday, go, Son, Eriksen, and Dele Alli will have to step up for the occasion. The South Korean superstar, Son Heung-Min has netted in five Premier League goals thus far, adding seven assists in the process. Even though he’s been in the news lately, for all the wrong reasons mind you, I still expect him to be the leader of men on Saturday.

Tactical Approach

Mourinho is known for his risk-averse style of play that’s most prominent during his clashes against Premier League’s toughest teams. He’s often criticized for parking the buss against top sides, with his attacking endeavors against bottom-of-the-table-teams often going under the radar.

As for his Spurs campaign, he started off with his typical 4-2-3-1, but more frequently, he’s been insisting on a 3-5-2, especially when his side has possession. It’s nothing unusual coming from The Special One, especially considering all the Premier League experience the 56-year-old Portuguese manager has gathered thus far.

Klopp’s Perfection Lives On…

Klopp at LiverpoolWhat can we say about Klopp’s Liverpool? As stated above, the German strategist’s side is at the top spot, thirteen points above second-placed Leicester. However, they also have an extra match to play, meaning their total advantage could very easily turn to sixteen points. When we combine that with the fact there’s just fifteen(ish) matchdays left before the season ends, we’ll realize at just how good of a position Klopp really is.

Looking at the grand scheme of things, Klopp’s Premier League title isn’t in question anymore. What is in question is his ability to secure a double crown this season, stringing together Premier League and Champions League.

Judging by the fact Klopp’s side is yet to lose a single Premier League game (their current record is nineteen wins and one draw), they might as well go all the way in both competitions. Yes, their Champions League record was stained by Napoli, and Klopp’s men are going up against Atletico Madrid in the ro16, and Simeone’s team ought to give Klopp’s men a run for their money. But still, considering everything VVD and the boys have shown thus far, they should be good to go up against the best of them…

Key Players

Which players rose to the occasion this season? Well, it’s pretty much the same bunch that won the Champions League last year. On the attacking end, we’re looking at a pacey, technically gifted, and goalscoring-prolific trio in Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, and Roberto Firmino. Together, these three Merseyside musketeers have scored 27 goals thus far, adding in 14 assists in the process.

Other stand-out performers have to be mentioned too. Attack-wise, we’re mainly talking about Divock Origi with three goals and one assist. On the defensive end, we have to mention Robertson, Gomez, and the man, the myth, the legend himself, Virgil van Dijk. Last but not least, Allison has to be mentioned too. The 27-year-old Brazilian goalkeeper has gathered twelve Premier League appearances, five of which were clean sheets.

Tactical Approach

There’s nothing much to say about Klopp’s tactical approach with Liverpool. We’ve talked about it time and time again, so it feels like I’m repeating the same stuff over and over again. Long story short – Klopp’s discipline, tactical superiority and “feeling” for the game, as well as the way he manages to motivate his players on an individual level, are all crucial parts of his team’s title run.

Let’s be realistic here – Klopp is currently the world’s greatest manager, leading Liverpool to old glory and conquering the Premier League much before most people could’ve predicted. Needless to say, Klopp’s tactical superiority will be an important factor of our Spurs vs. Liverpool betting predictions, no worries!

Spurs vs. Liverpool Betting Predictions

Here comes the important stuff! This is the section you’ve all been waiting for, the actual Spurs vs. Liverpool betting predictions. Of course, if you’ve paid attention from the very start, you can already guess the flow of my picks.

Considering Klopp’s tactical superiority, coupled together with Liverpool’s squad depth and quality, and considering the fact Mourinho won’t have his best striker playing on Saturday, it takes no genius to project Spurs don’t really have that much chance of doing the impossible.

The only way Spurs could get out of this match with a point is if Son and Alli explore out there. However, I doubt we’ll see Spurs going into the offensive. Knowing Mourinho’s style of play, I expect him to deploy a defensive-minded 4-2-3-1 and park the bus very early on.

Obviously, Klopp will expect this, and I reckon he’ll have his men control the tempo in the first half, not forcing attacking plays and focusing on potential counter attacks.

As far as Spurs vs. Liverpool betting predictions go, I’ll keep things simple with this one. In other words, a simple match-winner on Liverpool does the trick for me. At the moment, match-winner on Liverpool is sitting at -140, which brings forth excellent value.

Spurs vs. Liverpool betting Predictions – Liverpool to Win at -140

If -140 is too low for you and you’d like to take your chances with this one, you can try going with Total Goals Under 2.5 at +130. Mourinho’s bus will be difficult to penetrate and I doubt Klopp’s men will be able to net more than two goals past the Spurs.

Spurs vs. Liverpool betting predictions – Total Goals Under 2.5 at +130
The Bets
Liverpool Match-Winner
Total Goals Under 2.5

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