In-Depth Look at Spurs vs. Man Utd Betting Options | 2021/22 Premier League Betting Picks and Predictions (October 30th)

Ahh… the legendary El Sackico. With the eternal rivalry of El Clasico behind us, it’s time to turn our attention towards a clash that’s likely to result in a sack of the losing manager. Yep, we’re here for Spurs vs. Man Utd betting predictions and we won’t beat around the bushes for much longer!

Atletico Madrid vs. Liverpool Betting Odds

Here are the odds:

Manchester United DRAW Tottenham Hotspur
+130 +275 +187
+100 +175

Spurs Betting Preview

Please Note:

Believe it or not, Spurs have actually surpassed Manchester United on the Premier League standings. Nuno Spirito Santo’s men have fifteen points in nine matches, whereas Ole’s men have fourteen. It’s not a sizeable difference, but it’s a difference nevertheless.

It would’ve been even higher if it wasn’t for Spurs’ dropped points against West Ham last weekend. The north London team failed to grab any points in what was always going to be a tightly contested away fixture. But, with Manchester United winning just one point in their last four outings, Santo’s Spurs are closing in on European football spots.
But, their overall points tally isn’t too good either. Just six points in last five outings. Two closely contested wins against Newcastle and Aston Villa are the only points Spurs took since late August. What seems to be wrong with Tottenham? What are their burning issues?
Well, fans (want to) believe it’s all Nuno Spirito Santo’s fault. He’s managed to keep Harry Kane yet he’s still having massive issues on the attacking end. Kane has played in eight matches thus far, but managed to score just one goal and add one assist to his name. Poor performances from the man that’s supposed to be the most lethal striker in the league…

Nuno Spirito Santo | Not Great Not Terrible

Nuno Spirito Santo opened this season with a majestic start, defeating Manchester City thanks to Son’s brilliant goal. But, he managed to secure just twelve points in the eight matchdays following the opening-round win.
The Spurs’ fans aren’t loving their life right now. Spurs aren’t playing well in the Premier League, and they’re not playing well in Europe. One more mistake and the Portuguese strategist is likely to be sacked… but I guess the same goes for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer on the other end, despite the board emphasizing his job security.

Man Utd Betting Preview: Chalk-Filled with Issues

United started off with a blast, having secured Ludacris signings over the summer. Their opening-day trashing of Leeds led many fans to believe things were finally going their way. However, nine matchdays in and they have just fourteen points. They got just one point from their last four matches, and that tells you enough about the issues they’re currently dealing with.
That’s not to say Spurs don’t have a couple of them too… but United have been arguably the worse team looking back at the last few outings. Plus, Spurs will be playing at home where they had just one loss and three wins. As for United’s away performances, they won two, drew one, and lost to Leicester on Matchday eight. Despite all that, soccer sportsbooks still see them as the favorites against Spirito Santo’s Spurs.

Please Note:

As far as last five Premier League h2h meetings go, there was only one draw and two wins on both sides. Quite a tricky contest, this one, meaning our Spurs vs. Man Utd betting predictions will have to be extra careful.

Lots of Things Wrong with Manchester United

When talking about being careful, United’s defense will have to be exactly that! It’s safe to say they were all over the pitch last Sunday in a 5:0 trashing by their fiercest rivals Liverpool. Varane’s absence is clearly felt as Maguire just can’t finish one match without at least one major blunder.
Shaw and Wan Bissaka haven’t been all that great either, but they’re still miles above Maguire’s recent performances. The thing is, Ole has to play the most expensive Premier League defender, just like he has to play Cristiano Ronaldo all game every game.
This is just the tip of the iceberg of problems Manchester United are experiencing right now. Besides poor tactical setups, defensive blunders and lack of creativity in possession, following last weekend’s trashing a la Liverpool will put even more pressure on their shoulders.
Plus, Ole hasn’t gotten sacked yet, which could prove to be the key mistake as players aren’t likely to suddenly star performing better, especially after such a disheartening loss. United needs changes, ASAP!

Spurs vs. Man Utd Betting Pick

The math is quite simple for this one – both teams (and both managers, really) need to win in order to keep their hopes of a top four finish. A draw wouldn’t fall too well on either end of the playing field, meaning we’re likely going to see an extremely aggressive match from start to finish.
United, with all their defensive issues against Liverpool last weekend, managed to score a goal. It happened following a spark of Cristiano Ronaldo’s brilliance, but as disallowed for offside in the end. Why does this matter? Well, no matter how bad they are on the defensive end, they have world-class individuals in midfield and attack, individuals that are capable of winning matches with one flick of their feet.
Plus, Spurs’ defensive efforts aren’t much better than United’s. Thirteen conceded goals for Spurs; fifteen for Manchester United… though we have to emphasize United’s strong attacking class that has scored seven more goals than Spurs thus far.

Wrapping Up

That said, the best value here is both teams to score a goal and over 2.5. We know both teams have issues on the defensive end, and we know they will play attacking football because they both need three points from this clash.

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