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Thus far, we’ve gone through seven Premier League matchdays. Seven rather weird and action-packed matchdays, mind you. At the moment, Klopp’s Liverpool is at the top spot with sixteen points, just one point above Leicester. Tottenham and Everton round off the current top four with fourteen and thirteen points, respectively. Everton is not alone on the fourth spot, though! Southampton and Wolves have the same number of points but inferior goal difference. While all that is bound to change cometh the eight matchday this weekend, it’s refreshing to see Everton ranking so high.

That brings us to the following question – is Everton top four finish a plausible end-of-the-season scenario?

Why would we ask such an obscure question? Well, the answer is simple – most bookies still offer Premier League long-terms… and given that the demand for Premier League betting is so massive, I reckon they’re here to stay for a few more weeks.

But, if you want a head start and (slightly) better odds, you should invest your money sooner rather than later. Don’t wait for too long as every matchday will take a toll on your returns!

Four Reasons Why Everton Top Four Finish is Plausible

Year in and year out, Everton fans have high expectations for their team. More often than not, Everton comes into the season packed with a few valuable arrivals… but they typically end up bottling their superiority and fail to reach noteworthy results.

Could the 20/21 Premier League season bring better stuff for the Toffees? Well, I have four reasons that say Everton to finish fourth is a plausible bet… and with pretty good value too!

A Great Start

As most of you know by now, Everton kicked this season off with four straight wins. Yep, they were at the top of the league for a short period with 12/12 points. Of course, for them to finish in the top four, they’ll need a lot more of the same.

They hosted Liverpool in the fifth fixture; their sworn rivals were hoping to go back home with all three points, but Ancelotti’s side proved to be too tough to crack. 2:2 was the end result, and Everton was sitting on thirteen points in five matches.

They were the biggest surprise of the league, together with amazing Aston Villa.

Fast-forward to today, Everton are still on thirteen points having played two additional fixtures. They lost two away matches in what were pretty tough circumstances. Injuries weren’t that big of an issue, but the losses definitely impacted the team’s morale.

That said, Everton’s excellent start has been halted; fingers crossed it’s just a temporary thing and that Ancelotti will be able to mix the pieces ahead of this weekend’s clash against Manchester.

Carlo Ancelotti’s Experience

If there’s one thing that differentiates this season from all previous ones, it’s the quality of Everton’s manager. The stick that was once used by the likes of David Moyes and Marco Silva finally has a worthy bearer – Carlo Ancelotti. The 61-year-old Italian strategist belongs to the very top of the managerial food chain, having won the UEFA Champions League three times (two times with AC Milan and once with Real Madrid).

He’s one of the most experienced managers in the business, and that’s something we need to keep in mind. After all, if Everton is to finish top four, Carlo Ancelotti will be the decisive man, that’s for sure! Let’s face it, he’s just the man the Toffees need to bring them a season to remember.

Plenty of Midfield Vision

The arrival of James Rodriguez was perhaps the turning stone for this Everton lineup. With the 29-year-old Columbian midfielder/winger, the Toffees now have plenty of options in the center of the pitch. James is by far the best rated Everton player thus far, averaging an 8.1 rating in six appearances. With three goals and three assists, he’s definitely the man to watch in this Everton roster.

Add to that the fact that Everton currently fields the league’s most prolific striker and you’ll understand why Everton to finish top four isn’t that big of a stretch. Calvert-Lewin has been an absolute beast thus far, and I for one wouldn’t be too surprised if he gets another one this weekend.

Lack of (Current) Competition

At the moment, Liverpool and Tottenham are the only big six clubs that are actually in the big six! Manchester United is in fifteenth place; City is in tenth, right below Arsenal. Chelsea is on the seventh, but with a positive trend coming into the next few fixtures.

What does all of this have to do with Everton potentially finishing in the top four?

Well, even though it’s way too early to be calling unsuccessful seasons, some of these teams already have a long way to get to their desired position. If Everton beats Manchester United this Saturday, they’ll nine points ahead of the team that has strong top four aspirations.

Once again, it’s way too early, but calculations have to be made… especially if you’re thinking of betting on some of these long-terms!

Wrapping Things Up

With all that in mind, I reckon Everton could indeed end up on the fourth spot and venture into the Champions League! They have a top-class coach, an excellent mixture of youth and experience in their starting eleven, as well as a deep bench and reserves that are bound to jump into the flames in times of need.

Of course, there’s this old Everton curse they just can’t get rid of. This isn’t the first time Everton has an excellent start; this isn’t the first time they’re equipped with a potent roster… but it wouldn’t be the first time to see the Toffees bottle the positives and barely make it into the upper half of the table.

Fingers crossed this isn’t another one of those seasons because, quite frankly, Everton deserves to be in the elite European club competition next season!

Everton Top Four Finish Betting Odds
Everton to Finish Top Four!

At +600, Everton to finish top four offers great value. Of course, when we’re talking about Premier League long-terms, it’s difficult to properly understand and recognize the value. Take Liverpool to win the Premier League wagers – did you notice how they went up following VVD’s injury?

Long-terms are always going to be volatile. Injuries, suspensions, mid-season transfers – these are only some of the factors that can significantly affect these bets. That said, don’t invest too much money in the long-terms. That’s not just advice regarding betting on soccer, but betting on virtually all other sports and esports too. Volatility is chaotic, so keep them bets low-stake boys!

Other High-Value Premier League Long-Terms

Truth be told, Everton is the only high-value top four wager I’ll dare to invest in right now. There are several others too, but they don’t bring forth that much value. For instance, Chelsea’s top four finish is currently at -138. That’s not too bad considering how good Lampard did on the transfer market.

He just needs to figure out the last piece of the Chelsea puzzle to pose as a massive threat to everyone in the Premier League.

If Everton to finish top four is too risky for you, but you still think Ancelotti’s men will do well, there’s a fine long-term for the winner without the big six. Everton is at +225, trailing behind Leicester City who are the favorites in this department. It’s an interesting bet; at +225, it’s not too far of a stretch, really.

Where to Bet on Premier League Online?

If you like Everton top four finish picks, but you’re yet to place an online Premier League bet, then you must be looking for a proper bookie. Here’s the thing – if you go about this decision casually, you’ll end up with a good-for-nothing bookmaker that won’t give you a satisfying experience.

Please Note:
What you want to do is go about it slowly. Make yourself a shortlist of the biggest names then go out on a witch hunt. And I mean that – seek far and wide, from Reddit to soccer betting forums and back, to find out everything useful about your shortlisted entries. Stuff like online reviews, customer support efficiency, soccer bonuses, and profit margins should be on your checklist.

It’s a comprehensive process, but one you should go through if you’re serious about your betting endeavors. A good place to start is this soccer betting guide. It’s not the end all and be all of online soccer betting, but will definitely help you with understanding the terminology.

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